battle of somme 1916 n.
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Battle Of Somme, 1916 PowerPoint Presentation
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Battle Of Somme, 1916

Battle Of Somme, 1916

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Battle Of Somme, 1916

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  1. Battle Of Somme, 1916 By: Helen Hayes Period 2

  2. Allied attack on the Western Front. • The front that was attacked was 30 km wide.

  3. Lots of death.. • 58,000 troops died in the first day of combat-- still the one day record

  4. Important People of War • Field Marshal Douglas Haig • General Ferdinand Foch (Allies)

  5. (Germany) • General Max von Gallwitz • General Fritz von Below

  6. Pro-War Poem • Victorious SoldierFighting for his country, Not knowing if he will live. Brave soldier Standing up for what he believes and fighting for freedom. Brave soldier Fighting for what’s right, Dying Heroes, Dying evil men Brave soldier Leaving every thing he owns To be loyal to his country. Brave soldier. Coming home at end of war.... Victorious soldier. By: Megan Street

  7. TPCASTT • T- Obviously, the author of the poem feels much pride for the men fighting for her country just by the title. • P- The soldier is very brave when he fights because he doesn’t ever know for a fact if he’s going to make it home or not but he’s doing for his country and he is proud. • C- Victorious soldier- The poem never states whether the war is won or lost, but by saying that the soldier was victorious, which would mean that he had a victory for himself, and his family for fighting for his country and doing what he believes in. • A- The author is proud of the soldier for fighting, but also worried for him because there it’s never known what will happen. The only character would be the soldier, and he is patriotic and loves his country, but also concerned with not knowing what will happen in the end. I am proud of the soldier, because he is doing what he feels is right and I believe everyone should stick up for what they believe in.

  8. TPCASTT continued. • S- Standing up for what he believes ;and fighting for freedom. ;Brave soldier ;Fighting for what’s right, ;Dying Heroes, Dying evil men – There is a shift from the feeling of pride and happiness that the soldier is fighting for his country, to the line “dying heroes, dying evil men,” because no matter what the case, death is always a sad thing. • T- Now the title means a little bit more. The author believes that the soldier is not only victorious in winning a war, but to himself and his country for fighting anyway. • T- The author wants its readers to feel pride for the soldiers risking their lives everyday for their country, and that no matter what happens, the soldier still is a winner because he fight for what he believed in.

  9. MLA • • • I adhere to the Green Hope Honor Code.