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  2. Before Deadly Rage, a Life Consumed by a Troubling Silence New York Times 4/22/07 High school did not help Seung-Hui Cho surmount his miseries. He went to Westfield High School, one of the largest schools in Fairfax County. He was scrawny and looked younger than his age. He was unresponsive in class, and unwilling to speak…And that haunted face. Classmates recall some teasing and bullying over his taciturn nature. The few times he was required to speak for a class assignment, students mocked his poor English and deep-throated voice.And so he chose invisibility. Neighbors would spot him shooting baskets by himself. When they said hello, he ignored them, as if he were not there. “Like he had a broken heart,” said Abdul Shash, a next-door neighbor.

  3. Virginia Tech Killer Used Easy-To-Get Guns CBS News: Shooter Used Pistol, Handgun In State With No Registration, Gun-Waiting Period (CBS) A well-placed law enforcement source tells CBS News the weapons used in the massacre were a 9 mm semi-automatic handgun and .22-caliber pistol. Both are readily available in gun shops across the United States and particularly accessible in the commonwealth of Virginia, which recently earned a C-minus rating by the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence. “It’s much too easy to get guns in the state of Virginia,” said Paul Helmke, president of the Brady Center. That’s in part because there's no gun registration, no mandatory waiting period to purchase weapons. The only major restriction: a limit of one gun purchase per month.

  4. ABC News: The Package from Seung Hui Cho


  6. Virginia Tech Halloween Costume Sparks Outrage ABC World News 11/10/2007 In a contest for worst Halloween costume, these might be a shoo-in — two students at Pennsylvania State University dressed as victims of the Virginia Tech shooting massacre in April. Pictures of the two students attending a Halloween party, both wearing Virginia Tech clothing with fake bullet wounds and blood on their chests and faces, surfaced on the popular networking site Facebook last week.The photos sparked outrage on both campuses. And reportedly even death threats. But today, one of the students, who reportedly wore one of the controversial outfits, said he will not apologize. "Never ever ever," Nathan Jones told The Daily Collegian, the student paper at Penn State.

  7. Northern Illinois University: February 15, 2008 New York Times “Leaders at the school said the events in Virginia a year ago had shaken many but also led to a focus on security and the possibility of such an incident.”