Briefing for PHMA – New Orleans 2007
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Briefing for PHMA – New Orleans 2007 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Briefing for PHMA – New Orleans 2007. What is An online CONUS Joint Services housing referral solution that directly connects service members and their families with available housing in the community.

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Presentation Transcript

What is

  • An online CONUS Joint Services housing referral solution that directly connects service members and their families with available housing in the community.

  • Efficient referral management tool for housing offices to connect customers with homes all hours of the day.

  • No cost method for property managers to market their available rentals directly to service members and their families.

  • Home buying and home selling solution available through Military Moving Station. Stakeholders

#1 Objective: Meet the needs of service members and their families.


Why DoD Requisitioned

  • 67% of Service Members live “on the economy” in rental units or in privately owned homes; this % will continue to increase as DoD moves toward privatized housing efforts, longer assignments, and transformation of forces.

  • Based on a study performed in Phase I, there was no consistent way to get housing data to a service member when they needed it and how they needed it.

  • Quality housing is recognized as a key factor in Service Member quality of life, impacting recruiting and retention.

  • Currently, nearly 80% of household goods shipments are delivered to storage-in-transit because Service Members have not secured housing before their move. Storage and redelivery are costly and lead to high damage claims.

Military Moving Station is committed to helping military families make smart home buying and selling decisions

Military members have many questions

How do I choose the right agent?

What can I expect from an agent?

Who should I trust?

How much house can I afford?

Am I getting a fair deal?

How much should I offer?

How can I find out what homes are selling for in the area I like?

Should I get pre-qualified for financing?

What types of a home loan should I get?

How do I know if I am being charged “junk fees”?

And many, many more…

Military Moving Station Real Estate Counselors advise and educate military members throughout the home buying and selling process

Military Moving Station offers free information and guidelines on a variety of home buying and selling topics

The Smart Resource

  • Assess their real estate needs

  • Walk with military member through each step of the decision making process

  • Gain access to pre-screened real estate agents who adhere to the highest standards and specialize in working with military families

  • Help them understand mortgage options, allowing access to special rates from a variety of lenders

Military Moving Station provides unbiased answers with no obligation to anyone other than the military member

  • Not owned nor operated by any relocation services provider

  • Do not own or operate any relocation services provider

  • Service providers do not pay to belong to our network

  • Independence from real estate brokerage firms, mortgage companies, etc.. allows us to act in best interest of the military member

Military moving station works with only the most qualified real estate brokers agents
Military Moving Station works with only the most qualified real estate brokers/agents

  • Brokers/agents must have extensive experience in working with military families

  • Must attend Military Moving Station training seminar

  • Preference for ex-military members and spouses

  • Only full-time, professional agents

  • Continually assessed and evaluated by consultants and military members

  • Communicate with consultants on regular basis

Time energy and cost savings to the military family is significant
Time, energy and cost savings real estate brokers/agentsto the military family is significant

Cost example: Wells Fargo mortgages initiated through Military Moving Station:

$1,395 Savings

$15,717 Savings

* 10/06 Survey

** Based on $200K mortgage

$17,112 Total Savings

Statistics real estate brokers/agents

  • 75 Installations

  • Inventory

    • 100,000 listings

      • 40% Houses

      • 25% Condos / town homes

      • 25% Apartments

      • 10% FSBO, shared rentals, military housing

    • 100,000 users

  • Traffic Since June 2004

    • 2 million page views a month

    • 152,000 unique visitors

    • Inquiries from all over the world during every hour of the day

Implementation by real estate brokers/agents

Installation Count - CONUS




Implementation by Military Member Count - CONUS real estate brokers/agents




38% adoption

Hours of Use real estate brokers/agents



Military Members: Users by Rank real estate brokers/agents


03, 04, 05

Military Member Rental Listings real estate brokers/agents

$768,800 OOP saved

Managed Listings real estate brokers/agents




19,500/yr hrs saved

$370,500/yr saved

Survey Says… real estate brokers/agents


Found Housing

Through AHRN!

Survey Says… real estate brokers/agents


Experienced a

Door-to-Door Move!

(of the 63% housed)

Demo… real estate brokers/agents

Survey Says… real estate brokers/agents

Military Members Said:

  • We were very confused and disconnected before we accessed the AHRN web site. After we used the site we found the home we live in now less than 3 days later. We have recommended AHRN to any and every of my fellow USASMA classmates.

  • AHRN is a wonderful initiative. Thanks to AHRN, we were able list and rent our house in Florida ourselves and forego paying a property manager to do the exact same thing. It allowed us to reach out to a great housing demographic...fellow military members and families. We were very pleased with our first experience using AHRN to list our home and will definitely use it again if/when our current tenants move out. Just get more military bases to participate!

  • Thank you for this service. It made the process of locating a new home much easier for all family members, especially during the uncertainty surrounding a change of station.

What to Expect… real estate brokers/agents

Implementation Process

  • 30 days before, AHRN Team Leader will contact you.

  • Work with AHRN Team to obtain legacy data, schedule meetings with Commanders,

  • Housing Office staff and local property managers

  • AHRN Team sets up your own portion of AHRN and imports your legacy data

  • 2-3 days of on-site training and meetings with Commanders,

  • Housing Office staff and local property managers

Post Implementation

  • 1 week follow-up

  • 1 month follow-up

  • 3 month follow-up

  • Ongoing support provided for military members, housing office, and property managers via Live Chat, 800 Help Desk, Email

Case Study real estate brokers/agents

Colorado Springs

  • 3 installations – Peterson AFB, Fort Carson and USAFA

  • Approximately 19k living in the community

    • 6,300 moving in/out a year

    • @527 / mo

  • 12k more getting restationed in Colorado Springs 12 months

  • Prior to AHRN: Using ACES at Peterson and USAFA, Excel Spreadsheet at Carson

  • Consolidated 367 available listings


  • Started working together to consolidate redundant activity

  • More inventory / more choices

  • Better customer service for more informed decisions

Working Together… real estate brokers/agents

Installation level marketing

  • More housing (volume)

  • More choices (diverse listings)

  • Captures rentals farther in future

  • Allows service members to retain property and rent it – retaining equity in home

  • Empowers members with information when uncertain and thousands of miles away

  • Ensures homeowners buy/sell quickly with assurance that they are getting a fair price

  • Gets military housed quickly and before they moved!

  • MHO Toolkit

  • Best Practices


  • In our follow-ups, we help you in your marketing efforts.

Nationwide marketing

  • Search engines

  • OneStop links to

  • HQ housing links to (and other high level links)

  • MilitaryTimes

  • Email marketing

  • Newsletters

  • Conferences

What to do from here? real estate brokers/agents

Take test drive –

  • Usernames / passwords in packets.

Send your PCSing service members to (in deployed locations)

  • Reference the list of locations where is available.

Contact your drive team representative to express your interest in!

  • Army – Vernona Aslim (ACSIM)

  • Navy – Nancy Ward (CNI)

  • Air Force – Alice Gladden (AF/ILEHO)

  • Marine Corps – Nikki Kolen (HQ Marine Corps)