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OSAC: An Introduction

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OSAC: An Introduction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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OSAC: An Introduction. OSAC The Netherlands since 1989 www.osac.gov. www.osac.gov. What is OSAC ?. High-grade web-based U.S. public-private information exchange channel for security related news, information, and best practices. Run by and for American companies overseas.

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osac an introduction
OSAC: An Introduction

OSAC The Netherlands since 1989 www.osac.gov

what is osac


What is OSAC ?
  • High-grade web-based U.S. public-private information exchange channel for security related news, information, and best practices.
  • Run by and for American companies overseas.
  • Includes outreach program for its 3,500-plus members worldwide to assist U.S. private sector with establishing and maintaining Country Councils for implementing and maintaining its in-country overseas security information-sharing concept.
  • Established in 1985 by U.S. Secretary of State George P. Schultz and prominent American companies to promote cooperation between the U.S. Government and private sector worldwide on security issues.
  • Administered by the US Department of State and supported by Prudential PLC, Marymount University, and the (U.S.) Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Security Agency, National Counterintelligence Office, Transportation Security Administration, Secret Service, Department of Homeland Security, Coast Guard.
what osac does


What OSAC Does
  • Maintains continuing liaison and provides for operational security cooperation between the U.S. State Department and the Private Sector.
  • Recommends methods and provides materials for coordinating security planning and implementing security programs.
  • Recommends methods to protect the competitiveness of American businesses operating worldwide.
  • Gauges threats to U.S. private sector investment, personnel, facilities and intellectual property in conjunction with RISC (Research & Information Support Center)
  • Maintains website for exchanging information on security incidents/overseas threats.
what osac can do for you


What OSAC Can Do for You
  • Offers free membership to a world class security information source.
  • Offers free consultative assistance on security matters.
  • Provides firm with a focal point to contact US Government and obtain assistance with security problems/issues.
  • Facilitates source-protected information exchange among OSAC members.
  • Offers insight into current security subjects at half-day seminars.
  • Facilitates professional networking with other major U.S. firms.
what osac netherlands offers


What OSAC Netherlands Offers
  • Examine the security needs of the US and local business community and discuss matters of broad interest (e.g., terrorism, disaster plans, emergency evacuations, trends in crime and security best practices) .
  • Establish a working partnership with the US Embassy’s Regional Security Office.
  • Distribute information rapidly about security threats that may impact members.
  • Report to the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) any new threats or significant security developments in country.
  • Identify communication links for members to use in the event of an emergency.
  • Make available information about personal and residential security.
  • Establish a network to identify and share information on criminal trends both within The Netherlands and surrounding countries.
  • Allow members to discuss issues and forthcoming events, and when required approach collectively the relevant government or non government institutions for further information or action.
osac the netherlands poc s


OSAC The Netherlands POC’s
  • Primary Point of Contact:
    • Council Chairman Bart Zuijdam with IBM.
    • Tel. +31 20 513 6117, E-mail: bart_zuijdam@nl.ibm.com
  • Secondary Point of Contact:
    • Secretariat OSAC Netherlands - Arie J. van Veelen
    • Tel. +31 70 310 2242, E-mail: vveelenaj@state.gov
  • US Embassy The Hague:
    • Regional Security Officer: +31 70 310 2241
  • OSAC Headquarters Washington DC:
    • For more information: tel. +1 571 345 2223
  • OSAC Member Emergency Numbers:
    • State Department in Washington D.C. : Tel. +1 202 501 4444
  • Homeland Security Department:
    • Operator for Commerce & Trade: Tel. +1 202 282 8000
    • Websites: www.dhs.gov; www.safetyact.gov