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  1. Do Now: • Define the American Dream? What does it mean to you? Think about your American Dream, if you could do anything, be anyone, and have anything you desired, what would these things be? 

  2. The American Dream An Introduction

  3. Suite Madame Blue Sweet Wife or prominent female figure Suite Color Symbol Homophones A woman who runs a brothel Homonyms

  4. Personified: Giving human qualities to something non human What is America being personified as in this song? Wife or prominent female figure A woman who runs a brothel • What is your evidence?

  5. What is the tone of the song? • TONE: Attitude of the author—how does the author feel about the subject? long ago I wait I’m a fool I long for the past

  6. What is America being personified as in this song? Wife or prominent female figure A woman who runs a brothel • What is your evidence? • Write a 5-7 sentence paragraph drawing a conclusion and defending your response with at least one SPECIFIC example from the song.

  7. Personification ReviewChoose five of the following ideas to personify in your own way. You should have a minimum of five sentences when you are done. Example: Regular, boring sentence: The train whistle blew in the night. Personified sentence: The lonely train whistle cried out in the night.

  8. Choose your BEST sentence to share with the class • Be sure you can explain HOW it is personification… • What is the human quality you attributed to the object?

  9. Identify Opinions • Given the tone and personification, how does the artist feel about current America?

  10. Phillis Wheatley • First African American in the United States to publish a book of poetry published. • Published in England first • Document had to be signed by men who had examined and found her to be worthy and “smart enough” to be a poet.

  11. “To His Excellency, General George Washington” • Ode to George Washington. • America is personified as the goddess Columbia. • female counterpart of Christopher Columbus (District of Columbia, Columbia pictures, Columbia records etc.) • Often depicted holding a liberty pole, propping up a shield of the United States, standing beside a bust or depiction of George Washington, or offering food to a bald eagle.

  12. Personifying America

  13. Theme • Broad idea or message that is conveyed by a work. • What is one theme that we have already looked at?

  14. Phyllis Wheatley: 1753-1784 Styx: 1970’s-1980’s You: 1990’s-2000’s

  15. Queen/Princess Well respected celebrity Soldier Mother/Father/ Caregiver Drunk Gambler Not respected celebrity Hacker Thief How would you personify America? Positive Negative Specific: Lindsay Lohan Specific: Julia Roberts

  16. Exit Slip: • Consider the historical reasons for immigrants to flock to America. Is the American Dream the same as it was a hundred years ago? If not, how has it changed? What parts of the dream remain the same?