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SDHR Forum Presentation. Agenda. I. Introduction to Competencies Competency Models and Implementation Employee Life Cycle II. Business Case (SNEI) Solution How Does Sony Define Leadership? How Do You Integrate Model Into Culture III. Lessons Learned Customized or Out of the Box

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Presentation Transcript

I. Introduction to Competencies

  • Competency Models and Implementation
  • Employee Life Cycle

II. Business Case (SNEI) Solution

  • How Does Sony Define Leadership?
  • How Do You Integrate Model Into Culture

III. Lessons Learned

  • Customized or Out of the Box
  • Internal, External or Hybrid
  • How to Sell Internally
    • Creating Buy-in
    • Executive Sponsorship

IV. Take-Aways

  • FAST Model
  • Interview Guides
  • Employee Life Cycle
  • A measureable characteristic of a person related to success at work
  • It can be:
    • A knowledge
    • A skill
    • An attribute
    • An attitude
imbedding the model in the life cycle
Imbedding the Model in The Life Cycle
  • Recruiting
    • Create Position Profiles (Competency based)
    • Behavioral interviewing questions tied to Competencies
  • Selection (see above)
  • Training and Development
    • Focused on Culture of the Organization
    • Targeted Development One Level Up
  • Performance Management
    • Ratings at the Competency Level- linked to Development
considerations throughout the cycle
Considerations Throughout the Cycle

Key People Processes: Learning, Staffing, Performance and Rewards



Ensuring That “The Way We Do Things Around Here” Is Consistent With the Strategy

Focus on the Present to build for the Future




Behaviors (Values in Action)

Leadership Development


Top Management Leads the Change and Role Models the Future

Attract and

Select the Right People

Organizational Change Capacity

High Performing Teams

All Team Members Collaborate

How are we changing, why are we changing and how ready are we for this change?

defining the issue the global perspective
Defining the Issue – The Global Perspective

A global initiative, called FAST, was launched so as to establish a common set of values for all SONY employees.

FAST stands for:

  • FOCUS – on the wants of our customers and strategic priorities
  • ACCOUNTABILITY – everyone is accountable to ensure we improve and succeed as a whole
  • SPEED – working to stay ahead of our competitors
  • TEAMWORK – more power – and greater results – when we work collaboratively
defining fast at the company level
Defining FAST at the Company Level
  • Empower employees to be accountable for their performance and future career path while upholding the SONY FAST values
  • Provide managers with support to be able to hold themselves and their people accountable

What was needed:

A clear understanding, by all employees, of what success looks like (skills, knowledge and behaviors). We can do this by:

    • Identifying performance drivers at different levels
    • Creating a common language across SNEI
    • Driving clear communication
    • Reinforcing and rewarding along the way
information gathered1

Global Employee Survey Benchmarks

Information Gathered
  • Established baseline FAST index by integrating values-related questions in employee survey Indicator of high performing organization
  • Benchmarked against global high performance companies
  • Measured culture change progress: FAST awareness the first year
  • Monitored and reported on FAST effectiveness from different perspectives:
    • Business Unit
    • Functional
    • Other

Global Employee Survey

We will leverage the Global Employee Survey conducted annually to monitor andmeasure awareness and progressin operating and behaving our FAST Team Values

process used to identify the competency framework
Process Used to Identify the Competency Framework

Validated (Lominger) Competency Library to identify specific behaviors that drive success at each level

  • Competency Model

Data collected/ analyzed to create a model of high performance to achieve current and future goals and culture shift

Focus groups conducted with leadership level across various business units and at multiple sites

performance accelerators how snei lives fast
Performance Accelerators: How SNEI Lives FAST

To accelerate business results and cultural change the “Performance Accelerators” were created to outline the specific behaviors and actions employees need to demonstrate to live FAST at their level of leadership and drive business results.

integration and impact
Integration and Impact

Areas where Performance Accelerators (competencies) have been or will be incorporated into the SNEI employee life cycle

suggested steps for competency development
Suggested Steps For Competency Development

Step 1: Define the Issue

What are you trying to accomplish as it pertains to leadership or success in your company?

    • Define purpose
    • Identify what is needed and why

Step 2: Define (Core) Competencies

Define successful behaviors (competencies) critical to individual and company success for your specified levels of leadership

    • Develop a process to gather information (surveys, focus groups, etc…)
    • Identify levels of leadership

Step 3: Integrate and Measure Competencies into the Employee Life Cycle

  • Selection Process
  • Performance Management
  • Global Survey

Step 4: Align and Continue to Develop

  • Align competency sets into development related programs and assessments (Training and 360)
  • Create and implement into development resources (Development Portals)
  • Implement into Talent Management Process
stages of implementation
Stages of Implementation

YEARS ONE AND TWO: Integrate into Culture: Understand, Apply, and Revisit

YEARS TWO AND THREE: Making Connections: Increase Awareness and Further Integrate

YEARS FOUR AND FIVE: Measure Effectiveness

process guidelines
Process Guidelines
  • Remember it is a Process…
  • Development takes time
  • Implementation takes MORE TIME
  • Begin with Development and move to Performance Management
  • Prepare for PUSHBACK
    • Don’t like Competencies
    • Don’t like YOUR competencies
lessons learned
Lessons Learned
  • Customized vs. Out of the Box
    • Budget (see below)
    • Strength of Culture
  • Internal, External or Hybrid
    • On-site Talent
    • An external partner who knows YOUR CULTURE
  • How to Sell Internally
    • Find a Believer at the Executive Level
    • Involve early and often
lominger products
Lominger Products
  • Competencies
    • FYI For Your Improvement
  • Performance Management
    • FYI for Performance Management
    • Performance Management Architect
    • Career Architect
  • Interviewing/ Selection
    • Interviewing Architect
  • Org & Team Effectiveness
    • eTeam
    • Team Architect
    • FYI for Teams
  • Development
    • Voices
    • Leadership Architect
  • Learning Agility
    • FYI for Learning Agility
    • Choices Architect
  • Succession Architect
    • Talking Development