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The Supernaturalist. J.L.O. Cosmo Hill.

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Cosmo hill
Cosmo Hill

Cosmo Hill was sent to the Clarissa Frayne Institute for Parentally Challenged Boys after he was found abandoned on Cosmonaut Hill (hence his name) and no one could trace his parents. He was then officially a ‘no-sponsor’, as the orphanage called the orphans. After he is found by the other supernaturalists he looked kind of like a child out of a war zone, with black stitches and a robotix plate in his head, a fake knee, and staples all over him. His hair was shaved so that the ‘doctor’ could get to his head.

Lucien bond ditto
Lucien Bond (Ditto)

Lucien Bond is often called Ditto after his annoying habit to copy whatever anyone says to him so that he could have time to think about what he was going to say. He is twenty-eight but is first mistaken to be six by Cosmo. This is because he was used for an experiment to change a persons’ genes. Instead, the scientist messed up, making his victims small forever and sometimes acquiring ‘special abilities’.

Stefan bashkir
Stefan Bashkir

Stefan is a second-generation Satellite City native, whose mother died when a bomb blew up in his jet while flying his mother home (he was a police officer for a while). He often takes flowers (real ones, even thought they are expensive and hard to find) to his mother’s grave, and always states that he wishes he had her back – how it would be better. He has blue eyes and black hair, usually wearing black clothes.

Mona vasquez
Mona Vasquez

Mona Vasquez is a Spanish girl who used to be in a gang (the gangs often raced stolen cars). She helps the Supernaturalists with transport and is very good with a shock rod, which they use to make the Parasites explode. She teaches Cosmo the basics of how to use the rod, although there wasn’t much to learn about them. One button to prime it, one button to shoot, keep the narrow end away from you. She often includes Spanish words in her normal speech.