What is Vicidial and Who Can Use This?
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All About Vicidial and Goautodial - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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You just have to feed in a set of numbers that are in use for business and then just goautodial. This VICIdial is considered as a very popular open-source contact centre solution in the whole world.\n

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All about vicidial and goautodial

What is Vicidial and Who Can Use This?

This VICIdial is considered as a very popular open-source contact centre solution in the

whole world. It has covered around 100 countries with its more than 14,000 installations.

You can avail this privilege in any of the 16 languages that it has made available with its

agent screen and it also offers options for translations. This service is used in various

organizations and companies throughout the world.

It is best suited for your call centre services because of its cheap calling. You will notice that

this service has spread over thousands of companies across the globe right from a simple

social club in America to a top ranking bank in Japan. Here are a few important benefits of

this service:

1.It can do a check out survey in hospitals

2.You can take on sales calls inbound and outbound alike

3.24/7 emergency call centre services

4.Circulation of newspapers

5.Inbound and outbound services of the doctor and patient

6.Customer services for banking

What are auto dialers and their uses?

These are dynamic software tools that are used for inside sales. This is used mostly in call

centres and other businesses that involve a lot of telecalling services to customers. This is

also very easy to operate. You just have to feed in a set of numbers that are in use for

business and then just goautodial.Yes, it’s as simple as that, these calls start going

automatically without you having to work on them. These calls get routed to the sales

representative that is available and then he/she is put to work on the nature of the call.

All about vicidial and goautodial

When purchasing this auto dialer you have a choice of getting the auto dialer software

installed to your own computer system or you can also order the special hardware that you

can use separately with the system. These auto dialers are very beneficial to users because it

gets integrated with the software of any telephone and hence data can be saved by the

operating staff member. This type of outbound and inbound call blending services allows the

respective representatives the freedom to receive any incoming business calls, from wherever

they are. It is not necessary to be stuck at your desk all the time to work.

Business people have a lot of choice these days to do effective and lucrative businesses

offline or online. Whatever the business type may be these type of communication services

are always required and in great demand because it is very cheap and saves you a lot of

money in the long run.

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