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All about……

All about……. Photo: Pavel Erokhin. Caspian seal pups. How do you know this pup is newborn?. By its umbilicus. Photo: Pavel Erokhin. How old do you think these two pups are?. About 3 weeks. newborn. Photo: Sue Wilson. Where is this pup’s mother?. Here she is, peeping up

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All about……

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  1. All about…… Photo: Pavel Erokhin Caspian seal pups

  2. How do you know this pup is newborn? By its umbilicus Photo: Pavel Erokhin

  3. How old do you think these two pups are? About 3 weeks newborn Photo: Sue Wilson

  4. Where is this pup’s mother? Here she is, peeping up through the hole in the ice Photo: Sue Wilson

  5. Do you think these pups will go into the water? No Why not? Because they don’t like getting their fluffy white fur wet Photo: Pavel Erokhin

  6. This pup became stuck in the ice ‘porridge’ of a shipping channel Here is its mother It is trying very hard not to get wet Photo: Sue Wilson

  7. If a pup gets its fluffy white fur wet, it may freeze to death in the icy temperatures tracks of adult seals going in and out of ice hole X So this pup doesn’t go through the hole into the water Photo: Sue Wilson

  8. This pup has grown fat on its mother’s milk and has moulted its white baby fur…… …so when the ice melts it will be ready to swim and dive…… Photo: Sue Wilson

  9. ….and start its new life… Photo: Pavel Erokhin …as a happy little Caspian seal!

  10. Thanks to all colleagues in the CISS and Darwin project teams, to the Caspian Environment Programme (CEP) and Agip KCO Thanks to Sue Wilson and Pavel Erokhin for Caspian seal pup images

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