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Swift Loans

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Swift Loans
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Swift Loans

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  1. Welcome to Swift Loans Swift Loans is the best place to go for online cash loans. We are the experts in fast cash loans offering loans from $200 to $2000. All you have to do is fill out our quick and easy online loan application form, and we’ll do the rest. There’s no paperwork for you to fill out, and we’ll let you know how much quick cash you may be able to borrow within a matter of minutes. Often you need money fast, so once approved, we’ll transfer the cash loan from our account within the hour*. What’s more, we give you the option of repaying over either 4, 8 or 12 weeks so that you can be comfortable that your short term loan won’t be a burden.

  2. They’re Fast and Easy Loans! Apply online. You can apply online 247 from your mobile device or computer. The process is really fast and easy. 2. Verify your income and expenses. Once you have met the initial eligibility requirements we then verify your income and expenses. Amongst other things, we review your most recent 90 days of bank transaction history. We use the services of a secure, reputable, external company, to help us with this.  As our application process is 100% online, we can only accept applications via our website, and we do not accept bank statements via fax or email. Our bank statement provider is regularly adding new banks to their service.  3. Approval. We will then call you on the mobile number that you provide in your application to determine the suitability of the loan for you. If your loan is approved by us, you will receive an email with a link to your loan offer. Using the link that we send you, you then login to our website, check that you are satisfied with the details of our offer, and click "Submit" at the bottom of each webpage. How it works

  3. 4. Confirm your loan. If you’re satisfied, click the “Confirm” button and "I agree" to the Terms & Conditions of the Loan Contract. 5. We transfer you the money from our account in under 60 minutes! We always aim to transfer the loan funds from our bank account within 60 minutes of receipt of signed contract, if during AEST standard bank hours. The processing of, and subsequent deposit into your account, will always be subject to your financial institution, which is outside of our control. 6. Simple Direct Debit. When your application is complete, we’ll provide a simple Direct Debit payment form for you to complete so that your Swift Loans repayments happen when they’re due, with no extra work from you! When you become a VIP Swift member the process is even faster!

  4. COST When you keep to up-to-date with your repayment schedule you will only be charged: The loan establishment fee of 19.99% and, The monthly account maintenance fee of 3.95% Direct Debit fees will be paid directly to the direct debit provider (Ezidebit Pty Ltd) as follows: An Administration Fee at the start of your loan of $2.20 to set-up your direct debit account A direct debit processing fee of $1.10 per transaction In the event that a direct debit fails, an $11.90 dishonour fee. (NB. Swift Loans Australia Pty Ltd does not make any money from these direct debit fees). Other fees and charges. In the event that you miss a loan repayment we will charge other fees to compensate us for the extra work we then need to do. These are fees such as Default fees and Collection fees. Default Notice Fee: $7.00 payable to us each time we issue you with a notice of default when you fail to make a repayment in accordance with your loan repayment schedule.

  5. Dishonoured payment Fee: $14.50 payable to us on the dishonouring of any direct debit or failure to make payment in accordance with the terms of this agreement. Direct Debit Reschedule Fee: $14.50 payable to us each time a change is made to your direct debit arrangements when in default.  Debt Recovery Field Call: The costs incurred on any necessary field call when your account is in arrears will be passed onto you. Enforcement Expenses:  The costs incurred in the recovery of the outstanding amount when you are in default under the agreement, will be passed onto you.  Statement Fee: $7.00 each time on the provision of an account statement other than when required by law.  Debt recovery:   Finally, if we can’t remedy a default by you we will charge you the costs of recovering that debt, at cost.

  6. Missed payment follow-up phone call/email/letter/SMS: $7.00 payable to us each time we have to organise, prepare and call/email/mail/SMS you for failing to make a scheduled repayment in accordance with your loan repayment schedule.  Term of Loan. At Swift Loans we don't believe that you should take out long-term loans to fix short-term problems. However, we do know that you need some flexiblity, that is why we offer three loan repayment terms - 4, 8 or 12 weeks. We like to ensure that all loan fees are very transparent, so that you can make informed decisions about your ability to repay before you proceed with a loan. To see how much you may qualify for, and to see an example of the loan repayments and fees and charges over a 4, 8 or 12 week term, Early repayment of loan. We do not charge any additional fees for early termination of the contract.