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    Presentation Transcript

    1. Swift The top of my head was scraped raw, both my elbows were bruised and swollen, and my back, which featured two diagonal welts, was lumpy and realigned. The simple act of brushing my hair made me wince. An insistent humming, like that of a radio tuned to dead airspace, rose from the general vicinity of my brain stem. Something was amiss in my throat. I cleared it and coughed up a tiny pebble. I could use this as a descriptive beginning for my readers or as support for how tough the job is. Author tried to do rodeo clowning.

    2. Swift Wick Peth, a famous rodeo clown now retired, has a prescription for rookies like me. ``The best thing that can happen to a guy is if he gets run over good the first few times out,'' he told Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-Taylor, author of Greasepaint Matadors. ``It weeds them out fast. If a guy still thinks he wants to do it after that, he'll make it.'' An anecdote about the job from a valid source.

    3. Swift Rodeo bullfighting is completely different from Spanish bullfighting. There are no capes and swords. The rodeo clown stands in the middle of the arena, a bull is released from its chute, and for 70 seconds the bullfighter plays a game of chicken with the bull. Background info for the reader. Getting rid of misconceptions of rodeo clowning.

    4. Swift ``It's easier to count the bones I ain't broken than them I have,'' Ronny says. Direct quote from Ronny Sparks, whose twin brother is also a rodeo clown.

    5. Swift A rodeo clown's primary responsibility, Ronny went on, is to protect the bullriders. Background info for the readers. From Ronny Sparks.