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  2. QUIZ • These answers were the best of 4 choices on a multiple choice test. • Therefore, you may be able to come up with an answer that is more specific than the answer given in this quiz!

  3. Aircraft

  4. Airspace of defined dimensions within which air traffic control service is provided.

  5. Controlled airspace of defined dimensions designated to serve arriving, departing IFR flights.

  6. 2200’ AGL

  7. Controlled airspace of defined dimensions extending upward from the surface of the earth up to 3000’ above airfield elevation unless otherwise specified.

  8. The a/c is not in controlled airspace.

  9. 2000’ AGL

  10. 121.5 MHz

  11. Notify Transport Canada in writing within 7 days.

  12. To the last day of the three month period following the date Of ownership change or until the a/c is re-registered, whichever is sooner.

  13. 60 months.

  14. 7 days.

  15. Within 1 week.

  16. No.

  17. The manufacturers name & corporation, model, type certificate, and serial number.

  18. In all cases and as soon as possible after landing.

  19. ATC or the airport operator.

  20. 8 hours.

  21. No person shall fly if aware of any disability which impairs Alertness, reactino time, and/or decision making.

  22. A clearance is authorization to continue under conditions requested by the pilot; an instruction is an order that must be followed for safety reasons.

  23. No person shall create a hazard or damage property by dropping anything from an a/c in flight.

  24. No, unless otherwise specified by the Minister.

  25. Yes, when the PIC has completed 10 hours dual aerobatics and flown 1 hour aerobatics in the last six months.

  26. 17 dual 12 solo

  27. An arrangement between the pilots of the formation a/c must be made.

  28. A pre-arrangement must be made between the pilots-in-command and ATC.

  29. The a/c that has the other on its right.

  30. The aeroplane will give way to the glider.

  31. Always.

  32. To the right keeping the other a/c to the left.

  33. The a/c being overtaken has the right of way and the overtaking a/c shall turn right to pass and remain clear of the other a/c.

  34. The a/c at the higher altitude shall give way to the a/c at a lower altitude, except that power driven a/c shall give way to gliders.

  35. No a/c shall take-off or attempt to take-off if there is an apparent risk of collision.

  36. 48 hours.

  37. A peace, customs, or immigration officer, or any person authorized by the Minister.

  38. The a/c must remain 1000’ above built-up areas. In addition, you must be able to glide to a landing without creating a danger to others in the event of an emergency. This could addseveral thousand feet to your minimum altitude.

  39. ASAP

  40. Within 1 hour.

  41. An instrument rating A commercial license 15 hours dual instrument instruction

  42. The journey and technical log books with all of the correct data so entered and certified.

  43. Yes.

  44. Sufficient fuel and oil for the flight, wind and other conditions considered, to fly to the destination and for 45 minutes thereafter at normal cruising power.

  45. Instrument rating endorsement.

  46. 1 red, 1 green, 1 white, and 1 anti-collision light.

  47. Yes, provided you establish two-way radio contact with ATC before entering the airspace.

  48. Visual Meteorological Conditions equal to, or greater than, prescribed minima, expressed in terms of visibility and distance from clouds.

  49. Advisory airspace is to advise pilots of heavy or unusual traffic whereas restricted airspace is designated because of aerial traffic, surface activity, or to protect a ground installation.