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Quiz Presentation “Quiz Factor” PowerPoint Presentation
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Quiz Presentation “Quiz Factor”

Quiz Presentation “Quiz Factor”

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Quiz Presentation “Quiz Factor”

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Quiz Presentation “Quiz Factor” Nova Mandasari Anisa Herning Ruthairat Muhammad Sofwatunnida

  2. 1. Click your Mozilla Firefox on your PC or Laptop 2. Click your seacrh or enter addressin Mozilla Firefox and write the quizzess or

  3. 3. After loading and this is web of quiz factor

  4. 4. This is the kinds of quiz. You can choose what you want to play with other quiz

  5. 5. If you don’t have account, you can click “JOIN” and it showed like this. Example, connect w/ facebook or put your name, user name, and password like register/sign up.

  6. 6. If you click “CONNECT WITH FACEBOOK”, it showed a new tab from facebook and it is automatically to connect your account facebook.

  7. 7. Or if you click “LOGIN”, it is showed same of “JOIN” but if you have account, you can put your email.

  8. 8. If you click “LOGIN”, you click “General Knowledge Quiz”.9. Then, your name have showed10. Before you click “Play Level”, on the right there is information about quiz11. Click “Play Level” to begin the quiz

  9. 12. Your name has showed on the top13. This is the question of “General Knowledge” every quiz is 10 question and the bottom is “Available Bonuses” it’s mean if you can’t answer, you can need a help it

  10. 14. This the “Bonuses” if you get difficult to answer the question

  11. 15. If you successed the quiz, then it showed the score what you got16. On the right, there is information to the play next level quiz

  12. 17. After you finished the quiz, you can share with a social media.

  13. 18. This quiz can make create the quiz.19. Click “CREATE” then it showed like this and don’t forget to see the instruction to create the quiz!20. Click “CREATE A NEW QUIZ”

  14. 21. This is create a new quiz

  15. 22. This is the quiz category, you can choose what do you want to do

  16. 23. After that, this is description of the quiz and choose number of question *this quiz just make the question 10 – 20*24. Click “Save & Create First Question”

  17. 25. On the left, there is description of the quiz26. On the right, this is a create the question and make the question

  18. 27. After created the question, you can click want do you want to do “Save Question”, “Save & Exit” or “Save & Create New Question”

  19. 28. This is the profile account, you can see the information and the point that’s what you got29. After that, you can “Log Out” from the quiz factor