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Jokerit vs. HIFK

Jokerit vs. HIFK. Which one are the true kings of Helsinki ?. BY: Aleksi and Niko. As huge Hockey fans we decided to create a poll on which one of the hockey teams in helsinki is more popular. We asked 30 persons within our school of their opinion on this athletic dilemma.

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Jokerit vs. HIFK

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  1. Jokerit vs. HIFK Which one are the true kings of Helsinki? BY: Aleksi and Niko

  2. As huge Hockey fanswedecided to create a poll on which one of the hockey teams in helsinki is morepopular • Weasked 30 personswithinourschool of theiropinion on thisathletic dilemma • The resultswere the followings: 11 peoplevoted for Jokerit, 9 for HIFK and 10 didn’thave an opinion • The reasonswhy the peoplechose Jokerit orHifkwerediffrentfromeachother

  3. Why Jokerit? • Jokerit is morepopularbetweeneast-helsinkihockey-fansbecausetheirrootsoriginatefrom the zone • Jokerit is considered more an original finnish team than Hifk which roots from the swedish population of Helsinki. • Jokerit hasproduced the twogratestfinnish hockey players: Jari Kurri and Teemu Selänne • Jokerit received a hugepopularity in the 1990’s whenitwon 4 finnishchampionships. • Jokerit has a cinderellastorythathasgaineddmorefans to the club

  4. WhyHifk? • Hifk is a moretraditionalteamthan Jokerit. • Hifkhas made themselves a brandthathaslatedthrough the years. Theirbrandconsists of fast and fysical hockey. • Hifkhasbeen a quitesuccesfulteamthrough the year. • Legendaryplayerssuch as Matti Hagman, Heikki Riihiranta, Jere karalahti and Stig Wetzellhavedrown a hugecrowd to theirgames.

  5. In conclusion • Bothteamsarewidelypopularwithin Helsinki. • Theirrivalryhasdrawn a hugeamount of spectators. • The quarter-finalseriesbetween the twoteamshasdivided Helsinki hockey-fanslikeneverbefore BY: Niko Kanerva and Aleksi Neuvonen

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