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Femto Forum – Market Status Update Femtocells have arrived and are shaping up into a key weapon for mobile broadband s PowerPoint Presentation
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Femto Forum – Market Status Update Femtocells have arrived and are shaping up into a key weapon for mobile broadband s

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Femto Forum – Market Status Update Femtocells have arrived and are shaping up into a key weapon for mobile broadband s - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Femto Forum – Market Status Update Femtocells have arrived and are shaping up into a key weapon for mobile broadband service delivery. Prof. Simon Saunders Chairman, Femto Forum Aims. The Femto Forum . Promoting & enabling femtocells

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Presentation Transcript

Femto Forum – Market Status UpdateFemtocells have arrived and are shaping up into a key weapon for mobile broadband service delivery

Prof. Simon Saunders

Chairman, Femto Forum

the femto forum


The Femto Forum
  • Promoting & enabling femtocells
  • Not-for-profit, founded in 2007
  • Independent, Inclusive, International

Operator Members

  • 55 operators covering 1.4 billion mobile subscribers – 27% of total
  • 67 providers of femtocell technology
why femtocells
Why Femtocells?

Explosion of internet connected devices

Exponential growth of mobile data traffic

Traffic increasingly indoors

On the move

Out of home / office

>80% indoors


Source: Signals Research Group


Source: Informa

Dramatic growth in mobile broadband

Consumers increasingly sensitive to coverage for both voice and data– especially at home and in the office

Operators need to meet this demand – but quickly and at reduced cost-per-bit

about femtocells
About Femtocells
  • Simple, low cost, easy-to-install cellular access point for homes (& offices & metro areas)
  • Delivering fast, reliable service to standard phones over licensed spectrum
  • Supported in 3G and next-generation standards by 3GPP, 3GPP2, WiMAX Forum, Broadband Forum
benefits for consumers and operators alike
Benefits for Consumers and Operators Alike

Consumer Service Propositions

Operator Business Case

16.7x RoI

Household Lifetime Value (€)



Source: Signals Research Group

With full operator management, in existing spectrum, at reduced cost-per-bit

With my phone, in my home and my office

femto forum market status report
Femto Forum Market Status Report

February 2010

November 2009

50% increase in operator commitments

  • Launches gathered pace in late 2009
  • Reflecting the accelerating market, Femto Forum recently launched its market status report
  • Available for free from
  • Four times annually
  • Includes:
    • Commercial services
    • Industry ecosystem
    • Market forecasts
    • Standards development
    • Regulatory developments
the flourishing femtocell ecosystem
The Flourishing Femtocell Ecosystem

End to end

system providers

Other enablers





and Software

femto forum femtocell product showcase
Femto Forum Femtocell Product Showcase

24 access point vendors, providing a wide range of consumer-friendly form factors and functions

50 growth in operator commitments in 3 months
50% growth in operator commitments in 3 months
  • Femtocell market undergoing rapid growth globally with multiple deployments in Asia, North America and Europe
  • Operator commitment to femtocells increased by 50% in last 3 months
    • 9 live commercial networks, 3 further deployment commitments
  • France’s SFR, Portugal’s OPTIMUS and China Unicom have all launched commercial services in past 3 months
  • Vodafone re-launched its offering as ‘Sure Signal’ with significantly increased marketing and is realising considerable success in the UK
rapid future growth expected
Rapid future growth expected

Fig 1. Femtocell worldwide trial activity

Fig 2. Femtocell access point and user forecasts – Jan 2010

  • ABI Research estimates > 60 ongoing operator trials
  • Further deployments expected shortly
  • Significant growth reaching just under 49 million femtocell access points (FAP) in the market by 2014 and 114 million mobile users during that year Source: Informa
  • Healthy growth predicted with femtocell unit sales reaching 25 million in 2014.
  • Femtocell based 3G service revenue $9bn per annum by 2014 Source: Juniper Research
standards progress
Standards Progress

Femto Forum is actively supporting all three activities

  • April 2009: Release 8 provided end-to-end UMTS standard, with Broadband Forum management data model
  • Release 9 will provide feature enhancements for UMTS and end-to-end LTE femtocell support
  • Phase 1 cdma femtocell standard expected shortly
  • Phase II features are under consideration now
  • Phase 1 expected for completion shortly
  • Phase II to include advanced network features and air interface optimization
  • Femto Forum regulatory white paper
  • Regulators recognising and acting on femtocells
  • Risks of hidden hurdles and slow action remain
first femto forum umts femtocell plugfest
First Femto Forum UMTS Femtocell Plugfest


Collaboration with European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)

Taking place March 2010, with intensive preparatory work and staging tests in the intervening months

Interoperability tests between femtocell network gateways, security gateways, femtocell access points and chipsets

Verifying the Release 8 Iuh interface and associated security protocols

Over 20 signed-up participants, including access point, gateway, chipset and software vendors of all sizes

femtocell enabled services
Femtocell-enabled Services

Chameleon home screen

Secure home access

  • Presence, location, context and remote access
  • A bridge between the mobile and home networks
  • Unlocking content, sharing and social networks on your mobile

Home messaging

See for many more examples

Picture synchronisation& remote control

Virtual fridge notes

femtocells aren t only for home
Femtocells aren’t only for home

Macrocells – wide area coverage and mobility

Enterprise femtocells

Domestic femtocells

Outdoor femtocells

Femtocell economies of scale can deliver cost-effective deployments in offices, high-traffic or low coverage locations

Femtos in the enterprise: overlay currently, integrated in future

Metrozone: capacity offload and rapid-response next-gen provisioning

Cost-effective access to rural and developing markets via appropriate backhaul solutions

femtocells in next generation systems

Revenue impact

Cost savings


Femtocells in Next-Generation Systems


Deployment Approaches

2010 femto forum priorities
2010 Femto Forum Priorities

Overall goal: Facilitating world-wide femtocell adoption amongst operators and consumers and preparing for future evolution


Femtocellsaddress immediate needs

Femtocellsare here now

Femtocellsare growing fast

Femtocellsprovide a uniqueplatform for mobile services