coral reef community drama scene descriptions l.
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Coral Reef Community Drama scene descriptions

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Coral Reef Community Drama scene descriptions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Coral Reef Community Drama scene descriptions. Hawaii’s Coral Reefs Kindergarten PRISM GK-12 . Organize! .

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coral reef community drama scene descriptions

Coral Reef Community Dramascene descriptions

Hawaii’s Coral Reefs



  • Organize the students by their assigned puppets into groups according to what they eat (herbivores, carnivores, omnivores, decomposers, producers). Have them sit in the audience in these groups.
scene 1 producers
Scene 1: Producers
  • Sunrise: the sun hat comes out.
  • Algae costumes move back and forth catching the rays, and make their own food from the energy.
scene 2 herbivores
Scene 2: Herbivores
  • The herbivorous fishes (convict tang (manini) and the honu swim by and nip at the algae
scene 3 omnivores
Scene 3: Omnivores
  • The humu’humu’nuku’nuku’apua‘a (reef triggerfish) and raccoon butterfly fish swim by and nip at algae and eat zooplankton (tiny larvae).
scene 4 decomposers
Scene 4: Decomposers
  • The crabs walk across the floor and eat scraps of algae and dead animal material.
  • Crabs stay on set for scenes 5 and 6 …
scene 5 daytime carnivore
Scene 5: Daytime Carnivore
  • The octopus moves quickly across the floor and eats the crabs.
  • The octopus and another crab stays on stage during sunset interlude.
sunset interlude
Sunset Interlude:
  • The sun sets and the moon rises.
  • Coral polyps grab at zooplankton (tiny floating animals like isopods) to eat.
scene 6 night time carnivores
Scene 6: Night-time Carnivores
  • The eel lunges at the crab that is resting from behind the coral reef.
  • A monk seal swims by and eats an octopus.
  • The shark hunts the monk seal.

The End.

Huddle for a discussion about the food web and have students place puppets on the coral reef community posterboard.

  • We are learning that animals that live in the coral reef depend on each other.

- Why do they depend on each other?

  • We call this a food chain.

(Show students color coded paper chain)

- What would happen if we removed a link (e.g. carnivores) from the chain?

stick puppets to the reef community poster
Stick puppets to the Reef Community Poster!
  • Think about where are puppets would go in the reef community. The arrows connect who depends on who.
  • Here are some plants or algae. Who has an animal that eats plants (herbivore)?
  • Call herbivores up one at a time to stick their puppets to the poster.
  • Here are some urchins. Who has an animal that eats urchins? Etc.