exercise and health l.
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Exercise-and Health

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Exercise-and Health. “The exertion of muscles and limbs for health’s sake” Concise Oxford Dictionary. “In the sweat of thy brow. shalt . thou eat . bread ……..”. Genesis Ch.3 V19. •. Peter Sims. •. Professor of Public. Health Medicine. •. The School of. Medicine. •.

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exercise and health

Exercise-and Health

“The exertion of muscles and limbs for health’s sake”

Concise Oxford Dictionary

Peter Sims UPNG


“In the sweat of thy brow


thou eat


Genesis Ch.3 V19

Peter Sims

Professor of Public

Health Medicine

The School of


University of Papua

New Guinea






Peter Sims UPNG

Peter Sims UPNG

mens sana in corpore sano a healthy mind in a healthy body juvenal
Mens sana in corpore sano(A healthy mind in a healthy body) Juvenal
  • Given the artificial and pressurized lifestyle of modern man and woman exercise for health needs to be Sufficient Regular Rewarding Convenient

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why exercise
Physical for Growth Fitness Prevention

Systems Respiratory Cardiovascular Musculoskeletal

Mental for Skill Relaxation Pleasure

Systems Central Peripheral CNS Special senses

Why exercise?

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a linear response rate
A Linear Response Rate!

Ischaemic Heart disease



Level of activity

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what is fitness how do we measure it
What is fitness? - how do we measure it

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exercise for
Exercise for
  • Pleasure………… well being.


  • Prevention……….Obesity,Vascular disease, osteoporosis
  • Rehabilitation……COAD, CVA, MI

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rehabilitation back to work
Rehabilitation-back to work
  • Increase in exercise tolerance
  • Progressive and appropriate
  • Peer level performance
  • Morale building

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quantity versus quality
Quantity versus Quality
  • How much
  • How often
  • How intense

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different patterns of exercise
Different patterns of exercise
  • The athlete,training for competition
  • The military training men for fighting-physical & mental toughness,obedience and valour
  • Everyday lifestyle rest & recreation

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the challenge
The Challenge
  • Middle class joggers versus Working Class “couch potatoes”
  • Working with the advertisers and opinion leaders
  • Making positive choices easier
  • Fun…pleasure…fitness…slimness..health

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variety in exercise choice
Variety in Exercise - choice
  • Competition
  • Team games
  • Friends and family
  • Hobbies
  • Recreation
  • Daily travel

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opportunistic exercise
Where to park and when to walk

Using the stairs or the lift

Doing it yourself-housework, gardening

Getting a dog

Opportunistic exercise

Peter Sims UPNG

community provision
Parks, gardens, playgrounds

Swimming pools

Cycle tracks

Pedestrianised walkways

Sport/leisure centres

Community Provision

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exercise fitness and health
Exercise, fitness and health
  • For everyone -young or old, man or woman, for the disabled as well as the ablebodied
  • Regular - daily
  • Opportunistic
  • Enjoyable

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the elixir of life

The Elixir of Life?

Do today, what you did yesterday, so that you may do it tomorrow

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