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Sphere India: Genesis and Milestones Sphere India: Present Status - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sphere India. Sphere India: Genesis and Milestones Sphere India: Present Status Sphere India Management Structure Sphere India: Future Plans. Genesis & Milestones. Sphere India. Nov 2000-Oct 2003: Sphere Project Phase III – India Selected as a Pilot Country.

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Sphere india genesis and milestones sphere india present status

Sphere India

  • Sphere India: Genesis and Milestones

  • Sphere India: Present Status

  • Sphere India Management Structure

  • Sphere India: Future Plans

Genesis milestones
Genesis & Milestones

Sphere India

  • Nov 2000-Oct 2003: Sphere Project Phase III – India Selected as a Pilot Country.

  • Nov 2002: Interagency Consultations on Sphere Project India Piloting.

  • Feb 2003(21st): Sphere India Raised as an all inclusive Coalition.

  • April 2003: Constitution of first Management Committee and elections.

  • August 2003: Sphere India Secretariat and financial outlay plan.


Sphere India

  • Collaborative initiative

  • Joint response actions promoted and facilitated during disasters

  • Critical joint assessment indicators shared with partner agencies

  • Comprehensive and resource-rich web site on Sphere India established

  • Sphere Handbook published/disseminated in vernacular languages (Malyalam, Gujarati, Oriya)

  • Sphere India process of institutionalization recognized as a best practice by regional and global institutions such as ALERTNET.


Sphere India

Sphere Dissemination

  • Distribution of 500 handbooks and 300 CDs.

  • Sphere Handbooks in vernacular languages.

  • Publication of pocket books, checklists and formats for joint assessment.

  • Joint Assessments Protocols Developed.


Sphere India

Capacity Building

  • National ToT in Bangalore in May 2004

  • Regional ToT in New Delhi in October-November 2004

  • Rapid Environmental Assessment Workshop in Nov 2003 with CARE

  • Emergency Needs Assessment Workshop in Feb 2004 with RedR India


Sphere India

Institutionalization of Sphere

  • Inter-agency facilitation and coordination by Management Committee of 30 member agencies

  • Periodic meeting of Managing Committee and specialized sub-committees

  • Joint interagency needs assessment during Assam Floods 2003, 2007

  • Collaboration with other networks: Duryog Nivaran, AlertNET, INEE, INPSYCHE, etc.

  • Information dissemination and sharing on DM issues

  • Facilitated local, national and regional consultations on Sphere

  • Sphere India Managing Committee members invited to disseminate Sphere among professional groups like Pediatricians, senior administrators, etc.

  • Sphere India URS

  • Raising and Promotion of Inter Agency Groups in 7 India states

  • Contributed to design of India DM Act 2005.

  • Members inducted to National level task force set up by NDMA.

  • Associated for developing National guidelines and Standards.

  • Closely Associated for Development of CBDM Framework

  • Shift from a loose coalition to a formal and established structure

Present status
Present Status

Sphere India

August 07…

  • Appointment of new Sphere India Coordinator

  • Re-establishing the systems and protocols

  • Documenting Emerging Ideas about Sphere in India

  • Sphere India: Study and Survey

  • Shelter study and Strategy for Assam

  • Sphere India e Group for info dissemination

  • Development of Future Vision and plans

Management structure
Management Structure

Sphere India

Future plans
Future Plans

Sphere India

Future plans1
Future Plans

Sphere India

  • Vision

  • Operational strategy

  • Role and Mandate

  • Sphere Applications

  • Program Activities


Sphere Knowledge, Process & Commitment

Sphere India Institution

Members & IAGs

Partner NGOs

Communities and People at Grassroots

Sphere India


Disaster Resilient Communities through Sphere Knowledge, Process and Commitment

Sphere Project

Operational strategy

Sphere India

Operational Strategy

  • Review of Past experiences and Reforms in Sphere India Coalition

  • Sphere India Institution

  • Sphere in Govt

  • Sphere sensitisation in Government bodies and policy makers

  • Sphere trainings for the administrators

  • Sphere pilots & strategies in affected states

  • Internalisation of consultation process

  • Indigenisation of Sphere Standards

  • Taking Sphere to Grassroots LSG institutions

  • Sphere in members & IAGs

  • Sphere Institutionalisation among member organisations

  • Sphere Institutionalisation in partner organisations.

  • Raising Sphere IAGs in different states

  • Promoting Sphere Consultation processes in IAGs

  • Taking Sphere to Civil Society and Communities through IAGs

  • Sphere in Communities

  • Integrating Sphere with CBDP programme.

  • Promoting Community based initiatives ( SHGs) and consultation Process.

  • Promoting Community lead projects and plans


Sphere India

Sphere India to work specific in collaborative areas where members may not have a significant impact by working alone

  • Inter Agency Processes and Coordination

  • Training and Capacity Building

  • Advocacy

  • Macro level Policy Making and Planning

  • Information and Knowledge Management

  • Specific Projects as approved by Management Committee

Sphere applications
Sphere Applications….

Sphere India

1. Organisation Policies and Procedures:

2.Sphere Applications in Project cycle:a) Assessmentsb) Planning c) Monitoring d) Evaluation

3. Sphere in Disaster preparedness:a) Training and capacity buildingb) Planning logistics and pre positioningc) Contingency planningd) Resource mappinge) In collaboration with government programmes.f) Community based disaster preparedness.4. Participation of affected communities in assessment, planning, implementation and monitoring.5. Inter Agency Coordination and Processes6. Advocacy with government for the rights of affected people.7. Overlaps with Development and Millennium development goals, How emergency response and preparedness is cross cutting across all programs and relationship of Sphere standards with development standards and human development Index.Mainstreaming Disaster management in development programmes

Program activities
Program Activities

Sphere India