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  1. Monster Author: Walter Dean Myers Analyzed by Arnaldo Diaz Read 180 Mr. Bungard

  2. Definition: It was in July and it takes place in the jail and the court. Analysis: The story happens in jail. It’s about a men who was sentenced to a crime that he did not commit .The name of the man is Steve Harmon and he is fighting for his freedom. Setting

  3. Steve Harmon and O’Brien The most important characters. Analysis: The protagonist is Steve Harmon who was sentenced for a crime that he did not commit and they prove that he was innocent. Characters

  4. Definition: Minor characters; are the less important characters of the story. Analysis: Jose is a eyewitness that was in the store when the murder happened. Also Petrocelly and Zinzi are other witnesses and Ms.Briggs is the lawyer. Characters,continued

  5. Definition: a problem between 2 opposing forces. Analysis: He was convicted for a crime that he did not commit and he was almost convicted for life. conflict

  6. Definition: The words that characters speak to each other. Dialogue is set off with qutation marks. Analysis: Steve: “Cause I am a human being. I want a life too! What’ wrong with that?” Prisoner: “Nothing. But there’s rules you got to follow .You do the crime ,you do the time. You act like garbage, they treat you like garbage.” dialogue

  7. Definition: The life lesson the main character learns. Analysis: He learned to avoid being in bad situations like the robbery. Theme

  8. Definition: The story’s action which is a series of events called plot line. 5 parts: Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, Resolution. Plot Map

  9. Definition: The beginning of a story when the setting, character, and conflict are introduced. Analysis: My setting is in prison and in the court the characters are Steve Harmon , Jose and Ms. Briggs. The conflict is that Steve Harmon was committed to a crime that he did not do. Exposition The store where the murder Was committed

  10. Rising Action Analysis: He get a lawyer. It is a woman and she was red haired and freckled. Her name is Kathy O’ Brien. She is trying to prove that he is innocent.

  11. Definition: The most exciting or important part in a story. The climax is often called the turning point. Analysis: They see her desperately clasping her hands before her, her face distorted with the tension of the moment. Then suddenly , dramatically, she lifts her hands high and closes her eyes. The guard who was standing behind Steve moves away from him. He has been found not guilty. Climax

  12. Definition: The part of the story that leads to the ending , or resolution. Analysis: It is five months since the trial almost a year, minus a few days since the robbery in the drug store. James King was sentenced to 25 years to life. Osvaldo was arrested for stealing a car and sent to a reformatory . As far as we know Bob is still in jail. Falling action

  13. Definition: The conclusion of the story-when the protaqgonuist solve his/her conflict. Analysis: He take the films of himself because he want to know who he is. He want to look at himself a thousand times to look for one true image. When Miss O’ Brien looked at him, after they had won the case. What did she see that caused her to turn away? A monster? Resolution

  14. Walter Dean Myers was born on a Thursday , the 12 of August , 1937, in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Some book that he wrote was Dope, Sick, Amiri & Odette , Sunrise Over Fallujah, Game, Street love, and Bad boy-A Memoir. He is one of the strongest writers in American history. About the author Source: