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  1. Monster! Character symbols: By Kayle Stine

  2. Steve Harmon A cross with Angel Wings. I chose this symbol because I think Steve is a innocent young boy with a lot of good in his life.Like when the preacher came in to the jail to ask to pray with him he wanted to and that is what the cross Symbolizes but the wings are symbolizing his innocence.

  3. Steve’s Mom A Torn Heart Repaired I think that this heart symbolizes Steve's mom because she is really heart broken when Steve is in jail. In the book she is often crying. I think the paper clip sort of shows the strong front she always put up for Steve. It is like she is torn inside, but she tries very hard to look as if she is not hurt at all.

  4. Steve’s Dad Disappointed Face I think the disappointed face symbolizes Steve's dad because he also cry a lot but instead, in front of his son. He always seems very upset with Steve and when Steve comes home, they are never the same together. In the one part of the book his dad tells Steve when he was a baby he imagined him playing football, not in jail.

  5. Petrocelli The “STAR” of attention! I think that a star symbolizes petrocelli because she can sometimes be like a “know it all” and wants everyone to listen and believe her. I think this also because she calls/labels them MONSTERS like they are animals.

  6. O’Brien Top secret brief case I think the top secret brief case really symbolizes O'Brien because she seems very professional. In the book she never talks about her personal information and in the end of the book, Steve goes to hug her and she turns away.

  7. Briggs King Lion I think that a lion represents King because he is sot of like the leader everyone is scared of. He seems to also be the one everyone follows.

  8. Bobo Hyena Follower I think a hyena symbolizes Bobo because he is sort of like a follower because he helps king in the crime even know he is really seeming a little more sensitive then king so he reminds me of a follower.

  9. Lorelle Henry Caring grandmother I think Caring grandmother symbolizes Lorelle Henry because she really is a caring grandma. She never wanted anything to do with the crime. She only came to the pharmacy for her sick grandchild.