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  1. Monster Written By: Walter Dean Myers Slideshow By: Olivia Fife

  2. Well considering that Steve Harmon is in jail for being involved a robbery that soon became the scene of a crime. James King was in the crime as well as Bobo Evans. Even though Steve didn’t pull the trigger he was the look out that was supposed to go I the store and make sure that there was no Police Officers or Bystanders.. But Steve didn’t do such a good job because he would of seen the lady in there getting medicine for her sick granddaughter. And when James and Bobo went in there 55 year old Aguinaldo Nesbitt refused to had over the money James shot and killed him. Took the money and some cigars and left him there to die.. So now he is on trail. I would choose the song It will rain By: Bruno Mars because he is talking about what he wants to keep and what he wants to loose like keeping his freedom and losing that 25 year sentence.

  3. Well this song Locked Up By: Akon is a good song for this Story because for now Steve Harmon is Locked Up in jail like the song Akon is singing and I think this whole entire story is like this song until the ending part where the whole theme and setting of the story changes and it goes to clam instead of the tensing of muscles and hoping and praying that you aren't sentenced to 25 years of life in Prison. Most hope for the best at least of 5-10 years in Prison

  4. I think the Story Monster should have a theme song and I think that the theme song should be the Judge Judy song because she is in the Courtroom and Steve James and Bobo Ms. Sandra Petrocelli- the judge questioner and Ms. O’ Brien Steve’s Lawyer are all in courtroom, trying her best to win the case for Steve Harmon but she has to be careful or James Lawyer will jump all over her and that wouldn’t be good for the case.. Because they could sell each other out and they would both loose the case and Steve and James would both end up going to jail. And that what Ms. O’Brien is trying to prevent.

  5. But for the ending of the story I choose Ima’ Survivor By: Destiny's Child because he keeps thinking to himself I'm a Monster I'm not going to win this case but in the end he ends up winning the case and that’s why I pick this song for the ending of Monster because they sing about not giving up and Steve never gave up he had faith in Ms. O; Brien and Ms. O’ Brien had faith in him that’s why I choose this song because the theme of the song is just like the theme of the story in the ending part.

  6. In the end after Steve and Ms. O’ Brien win the case. Steve extends his arms to hug her and she just gathers her things up and leaves. Steve just thinks that she is being professional.. But when he got out side, she was already half way down the sidewalk. He called her name she turned around it looked as if.. her eyes were filled with fear! What did she see me or a Monster loose on the streets?!