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  1. Monster Walter Dean Myers

  2. Main Ideas: Chunking • 1. Main Idea 1-45 • Steve is on trial for felony murder and is currently in jail awaiting trial. • 2. Main Idea 45-59: • The trial continues and the lawyers are trying to prove whether Bolden is a legitimate witness. • 3. Main Idea 59-88 • The prosecutor is trying to prove that Steve is guilty by interviewing witnesses.

  3. Main Ideas: Chunking • 4. Main Idea 89-115 • Prison life is getting to Steve but the audience realizes he has a caring family. We realize that Osvaldo is lying to get out of jail. • 5. Main Idea: 115-136 • The courtroom is examining the death of Mr. Nesbitt. • 6. Main Idea 137-174 • Steve is becoming restless in prison and Lorelle Henry testifies against the accused.

  4. Main Idea: Chunking • 10. Main Idea: 269-272 • Steve becomes involved with members of his neighborhood who negatively effect him. However, he is found innocent of felony murder. • “He doesn’t understand me knowing people like King or Bobo or Osvaldo.”

  5. Main Ideas: Chunking • 7. Main Idea 174-200 • Bobo testifies against Steve claiming that he knew exactly what was going on and that he was the look out. • Main Idea 200-236 • Moore and Nipping testify against Steve, but there are problems with their statements. • SD: “They don’t make things to last anymore” (211) • Main Idea 236-267 • The defense and prosecution give their closing statements. • SD: “I would also like to thank you for your attention in this trial”

  6. Characterization (Circle) • Personality: • Timid (does not stick up for himself in prison) • Loves to make films • Impressionable • Behavior: 1. He doesn’t want to be involved with the crime 2. In the wrong place at the wrong time. 3. Wants to become a good role model for his brother.

  7. Characterization (Circle) 1. Thoughts 2. Journal

  8. Inference • INFERENCE 1: • “It probably depends on what you mean by ‘win’” • INFERENCE 2: • “Most of the voices are clearly Black or Hispanic” • INFERENCE 3: • “Kathy O’Brien as the Defense Attorney with Doubts” • INFERENCE 4: • “The garbage cans at the curb are overflowing. Three young girls jump rope near the trash” • Inference 1: • Steve will most likely face some kind of punishment. Inference 2: The majority of criminals are Black or Hispanic (not necessarily fact). Inference 3: Steve will most likely not have a fair trial. Inference 4: The neighborhood is most likely filled with lower class citizens who are used to the situation.

  9. Inference • INFERENCE 5: • “Freddy Alou 16 and tough, sits with a beeper he is trying to repair” • Inference 6: “Steve catches his breath sharply. Reaction Shot: King has head tilted to one side, seemingly without care” (viewing photos of Mr. Nesbitt’s body) • Inference 7: “I can see why they take your shoelaces and belt away from you in prison” • Inference 5: • Freddy is most likely a drug dealer. Inference 6: Steve is upset and sickened by the dead body while King is used to it and unaffected. Inference 7: You could use them as weapons or to commit suicide.

  10. Inference 8. “Steve spreads his arms to hug O’Brien, but she stiffens and turns to pick up her papers from the table before them”

  11. Literary Terms • “That being scared was like a little ball in the pit of my stomach” • “Who serve as a kind of jury for the film. If you make your film predictable, they’ll make up their minds long before it is over. • “Her eyes were smiling but her voice cracked” • Simile • Foreshadowing • Personification

  12. Nonfiction/Fiction Assignment • Research a juvenile who committed a crime. • Provide the following: • Teen’s name if available • Crime teen is accused of committing • Punishment if available • Eventual outcome • Similarities and Differences between teen and Steve Harmon’s case. • Website where you got the information.

  13. Comprehension Questions • What crime is Steve on trial for? What was his actual part in the robbery? • Felony murder, he was accused of being the look out. • What was Steve’s home life like? • We can see that he is close with his parents and his brother through their interaction and the description of the home. • Why was Steve involved in the robbery? Explain how you figured this out. • He become involved with the “bad” members of the neighborhood. He felt he needed to interact with them in order to keep up a front.

  14. Comprehension Questions • Who was Mr. Sawicki to Steve? Why do you think Steve admired him so much? • His film teacher, he admired him because he enjoys making films as well. • What was it called when Steve could not breathe and became very nervous? • He was having a panic attack. • Why did Steve’s mom get so mad when Steve called a year in jail a ‘calendar’? • Because he is assimilating with his prison mates.

  15. Comprehension questions • Who was Osvaldo Cruz? What was his part in the robbery? • He was a member of the gang Diablos and he helped with the get away. • What were some rotten things Osvaldo did besides taking part in the robbery? • He was required to cut someone in the face to become a member of the gang. And he was accused of beating his girlfriend. • Do the police treat everyone fairly in this case? Find one example where they either do or do not. • Opinion question, however, No: b/c some are treated differently in order to get out of jail. • How is Ernie’s story on pages 141 to 143 somewhat like Steve’s situation? • Ernie was accused of robbing a jewelry store. They both pleaded not guilty and they both didn’t kill anyone.

  16. comprehension questions • What were some things that Steve showed us in jail that told us that it was so bad? • Prisoners were being sexually harassed and being physically harassed. • Who was Mrs. Henry and what did she testify in court? • She was a witness and she testified that she saw the murder happen. • Why did Bobo testify in court? What was his motivation? • He testified that he did not commit murder in order to get out of jail more quickly. • Why does O’Brien not hug Steve at the end of the book? What is the purpose of the scary image at the end of the scene? • Because she did not believe that Steve was innocent. To reinforce the idea of a monster.

  17. Fact and Opinion • Together we identified two facts and two opinions from the novel. • Find your own example of each and then turn in your packet. • When you are finished please get onto Skills Tutor.