Ramona s world by beverly clearly
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RAMONA’S WORLD BY:BEVERLY CLEARLY. BOOKS BY: BEVERLY CLEARY Henry And Beezus Ramona Forever Ramona Quimby age 8 Ramona And her Mother Ramona and her Father Ramona The Pest Ramona The Brave. MAGGIE REARDON. GENRE.

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Ramona s world by beverly clearly



  • Henry And Beezus

  • Ramona Forever

  • Ramona Quimby age 8

  • Ramona And her Mother

  • Ramona and her Father

  • Ramona The Pest

  • Ramona The Brave



The genre in this book is realistic fiction. It is realistic fiction because some of the things in Ramona’s World can happen in real life, like the time when she had her birthday party aT the park. Some other things that can happen in real life in Ramona’s World is the time when Ramona had to watch Roberta for a little while until her mom got home. Also, the time when Ramona had to take care of her friend Daisy’s cat for one week while Daisy went on vacation with her family.


In the book Ramona’s World, the setting takes place in side Ramona’s house, at school, the park, and Daisy’s house. This story takes place inside Ramona’s house when she comes home from school to tell her mom about when Mrs. Meacham read her story out loud to the class. The story also takes place at school when Ramona is learning her new spelling words. There is also another part in Ramona’s World that takes place at the park when it is Ramona’s birthday and she decides to have her birthday party there. The last place this story takes place is at Ramona’s best friend Daisy’s house, when Daisy invites Ramona over for dinner.


Maggie Reardon 1-26-14

Ramona’s World

The book Ramona’s World is about a girl named Ramona who is in fourth grade. Ramona thinks fourth grade is going to be the best year of her life. There are a lot of things changing in Ramona’s life. She is about to be ten years old, she has a new baby sister, a new teacher and she has a new best friend named Daisy. Some things are not as easy for Ramona anymore. She has to babysit the new baby, and do a lot of hard spelling at school. Ramona’s sister is a teenager and is always on the phone talking about boys. There is also a girl named Susan at school who she doesn’t like because Susan took all the credit for a project they worked on together in third grade.

Ramona is turning ten and is going to have a zeroteenth birthday in the park. Ramona’s parents are friends with Susan’s parents and Ramona’s mom, Mrs. Quimby, makes Ramona invite Susan to her party. They have a fight and all the kids at the party get mad at Susan but then Ramona feels bad. Ramona sticks up for her and they become friends. Ramona’s Mom tells her that ten is the best year of growing up.



I would recommend the book Ramona’s World because I thought it was very entertaining. I really liked this book because it was fun to read and I didn’t want to put it down. It has a lot of humor like when Ramona fell through the ceiling at Daisy’s house.

I would recommend this book to everyone. Even though it is about a girl, I think anyone would enjoy it because it is very funny. Ramona gets into trouble and it made me laugh. I definitely think everyone would like it because many of the things that happened in the book, can also happen in real life so it is easy to relate to.

I also like the ending that shows that Ramona is growing up because she forgives a friend that she didn’t like anymore and her Mom is proud of her and tells her that ten is the best year of growing up.