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Carlos M. Duarte Director, The UWA Oceans Institute PowerPoint Presentation
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Carlos M. Duarte Director, The UWA Oceans Institute

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Carlos M. Duarte Director, The UWA Oceans Institute - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Carlos M. Duarte Director, The UWA Oceans Institute

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Presentation Transcript

  1. OI Members Meeting Carlos M. Duarte Director, The UWA Oceans Institute Mark Cassidy, Deputy Director and Tracy Parker, General Manager of The UWA Oceans Institute Providing Ocean Solutions for Humanity’s Grand Challenges 2 December 2011

  2. OI Members Meeting • Every first Friday of the month, followed by drinks. • introduce new members & visitors, celebrate achievements, present news, discuss new programs, etc. 2

  3. 2012 OI Operating Budget • Operating funds for the OI have been approved from the VC for the next three years. • Just over a third of our Operating budget ($115k) has been allocated to Strategic Initiatives including the Dialog Series, Visitors Program and Public Lectures. • Other items of interest include an increase in Marketing for website updates and new marketing material.

  4. Joint Appointment • Dr Tim Langlois has been appointed the first research associate of the Oceans Institute funded through a 3 year joint agreement between the WA Department of Fisheries and UWA

  5. Four ARC Future Fellows Grants Two of our members have won ARC Future Fellowships, these are: • Thomas Wernberg, Climatic forcing of ecological function in temperate marine habitats: bridging the gaps. • Ryan J Lowe, Physical processes in complex coastal reef environments: the dynamics of wave- and tide- dominated systems. • Wayne DaviesInvestigating the molecular mechanisms underlying non-visual photoreception and their implications in the treatment of human neurological diseaseResearch will explore the molecular evolution and function of non-visual (retinal, pineal and deep brain) pigments in vertebrates that control circadian rhythms. This will be investigated in a range of models from lampreys and hagfishes to sharks and rays to reef teleosts and sea snakes (in addition to mammals and birds). • Jan HemmiNeuro-ecology: information processing under natural conditionsThis project is aimed at deciphering how the brain processes information under natural conditions and how the animals then use this information to guide their behavioural decisions. The research will help explain why even those animals with the smallest brains (fiddler crabs) are much more versatile and robust than our most advanced robots.

  6. OI Membership OI Members: Scientists in any School, Faculty or Center that conduct a significant fraction on their research in the marine environment and that share our vision and seek to get involve in our “interdisciplinary” millieu. Reminder: please submit your OI membership forms and refer to FAQ document. Associate Members: Scientists who do not think of themselves as marine scientists or lack a particular focus on the oceans but that have skills sets that can be prompted sporadically into contributing to Oceans Institute research. 15

  7. Visitors • Vincent Rossi, UNSW • Maria Isabel (Maribel) Cerezo, Ph.D. student, Spain, “The role of pollutants as a new evolutionary force in the ocean”, supervisors Susana Agustí and Carlos M. Duarte. • Johnna Holding, Ph.D. student, Spain (US citizen), “Impacts of climate change on Arctic marine communities”, supervisor Carlos M. Duarte. • Brezo Martínez, Ph.D. student, Rey Juan Carlos I (Spain). Macrogalgal Ecology, w. Thomas Wernberg • Jakob Thyrring, Ph.D. student, Denmark, w. Thomas Wernberg • Ulrich Flashsenberg. Rostok Univ., Germany, w. Chari 4

  8. Meeting with Shell Development • Meeting with Shell Development – Wednesday 16 November 2011. In attendance from UWA: Alistar Robertson, Carlos Duarte, Mark Cassidy, Greg Ivey, Eric May, Tim Shanahan In attendance from Shell Development: • Mike Seymour – Vice President HSE & Sustainable Development • Brian Cohen – Environment Manager, Prelude • Jan Flynn – Senior Metocean Engineer • Paul Pillai – Discipline Lead Petrophysics • Thiam-Guan Tan – Technical Lead, North West Shelf

  9. More Visitors • Water Corporation, Suzanne Brown, Environment Dept., to discuss possible cooperation. • NERP Management Board, planning NERP research and UWA engagement. • Conservation International, discuss progress of international blue carbon group. • Chris Simpson, DEC, WAMSI and other programs. • ANNiMS: Many (> 100) students, postdocs and researchers from JCU and UTas met with OI members for the 3rd ANNiMS Conference at UWA. A huge success: congrat to Chari and Ruth Gongora-Mesas! 4

  10. New IOMRC Project – Exmouth • A new IOMRC project has been lodged for the construction of a 1,000 m2 marine research stations at the Exmouth Harbour (news on success of proposal by March 2012).

  11. Communication • New Oceans Institute Flyer. • Revised OI web pages (home and strategy) • Tony’s workshop on the Catalyst’s “Presenting your favorite species”. 9

  12. Facebook Stats Facebook Stat

  13. Communication (2) • November 2011 Newsletter available • Communication CHOGM: IOMRC Presentation produced and delivered to CHOGM visitor (Commonwealth Common Fisheries Policy) • Presentation to be posted and made available through the web 13

  14. New OI Brochure

  15. Oceans Solution Dialogues • OI Brainstorming: Water was held on 17 November which was followed up by a presentation delivered by Carlos Duarte at the Water Corporation on 23 November. The OI is currently liaising with the Water Corporation to support and develop joint projects. • A brainstorm session has been organized on "The role of science in the response to disasters in the marine environment” (Dec. 15)

  16. 2011 Annual Report • Process initiated. • Tracy, Lauren and Beau collecting materials. Please Cooperate! 19

  17. Farewells • Unfortunately, we have to say farewell to Sueli Amprino who is moving to Animal Care Services as a Finance Officer. • Hrvoje Mihanovic has completed his 9 month visit as part of the G08 Fellowship.

  18. Next Meeting • The next OI Members Meeting will be held on 3 February 2012 and will include 2011 OI Highlights • Dec. 9, OI-SESE Christmas Party!