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Engineering Practices Working Group Accomplishments & Plans PowerPoint Presentation
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Engineering Practices Working Group Accomplishments & Plans

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Engineering Practices Working Group Accomplishments & Plans - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Engineering Practices Working Group Accomplishments & Plans. John H. Gertsen BWXT Y-12, L.L.C. June 7, 2005. Engineering Practices Working Group. Nearing 2 years in existence Working Group is growing – membership is up Sub-groups are being re-energized

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engineering practices working group accomplishments plans

Engineering Practices Working GroupAccomplishments & Plans

John H. Gertsen

BWXT Y-12, L.L.C.

June 7, 2005

engineering practices working group
Engineering Practices Working Group
  • Nearing 2 years in existence
  • Working Group is growing – membership is up
  • Sub-groups are being re-energized
  • Significant interest of members continues
  • As WG matures, ad hoc use of member pool as a resource is increasing
engineering practices working group1
Engineering Practices Working Group
  • Membership
    • 106 members (33 in WG, 63 in sub-groups)
    • 31 DOE contractors
    • Five DOE sponsors of WG or sub-groups

(includes OECM, EM, EH, and NNSA)

structure leadership
Structure / Leadership
  • Engineering Practices Working Group

Chair John Gertsen BWXT Y-12

Vice Chair Dave Lowe Kaiser-Hill (RFETS)

Secretary Tobin Oruch Los Alamos National Lab (UC)

  • Fire Protection Sub Group

Chair Richard Lewis Westinghouse Savannah River

  • Configuration Management Sub Group

Chair Tom Reed BWXT Y-12

  • Engineering Standards Sub Group

Chair Stan Palmer Idaho National Laboratory (BEA)

  • Value Management Sub Group

Chair Richard Harrington CH2M Hill Hanford

accomplishments 12 mos epwog
Accomplishments (12 mos.) - EPWOG
  • Design Adequacy of Safety SSC’s (Backfit) – published recommendation – topic of significant DNFSB interest
  • Design Basis Threat – conducted review of engineering approaches
  • Third Party Financed Facilities – conducted informational telecon
  • Value Management Initiative – organized and chartered sub-group on this topic, based on member and board interest
  • Engineering Procedure Sets – voluntarily shared among members
  • Excavation/Penetration Permitting – completed survey of site practices
  • Drawing Management – completed survey of practices, and shared 3-D model practices – more work to do
  • HEPA Filter Testing (in cooperation with ISMWG) – completed initial effort on need for and availability of independent testing capabilities – more work to do
accomplishments fire protection sub group
Accomplishments – Fire Protection Sub-Group
  • Implementation of Reliability Centered Maintenance for Fire Systems
  • Benchmarking of Fire Protection Resources and costs across the DOE Complex
  • Developed a list of NFPA technical committee members amongst EFCOG
  • Developed consensus comments to Draft DOE Order 420.1B
  • Conducted four teleconferences and one meeting
accomplishments configuration management sg
Accomplishments – Configuration Management SG
  • Clarified purpose of Sub-Group
  • Updated and expanded roster
  • Selected new Chair
  • CM during Transition, Deactivation, Decontamination, and Demolition – Draft guide published
  • Held meeting in Spring 05
    • Well attended, including over 5 DOE employees
    • Facilitated Value Management session held as part of meeting
accomplishments engineering standards sg
Accomplishments – Engineering Standards SG
  • Subgroup in transition after formation of EPWOG
  • Membership poll conducted
  • EPWOG endorsed continuation of Sub-Group
  • New Chair selected
accomplishments value management sub group
Accomplishments – Value Management Sub-Group
  • Interest confirmed
  • Members solicited
  • Charter written
  • Chair and sponsor selected
  • Organizational meeting held (including integration with 6 sigma tools)
  • First meeting held – in conjunction with CM Sub-Group
  • Value Management study conducted in conjunction with meeting
ongoing initiatives epwog
Ongoing Initiatives - EPWOG
  • Design adequacy of existing safety systems – SME Mentoring and follow-up to SAWG and DNFSB comments
  • HEPA-filter testing within DOE – standards/acceptance criteria (with ISMWG)
  • Criteria for engineering involvement with maintenance
  • Engineering for Non-Nuclear work – combining with above, and Value Management session is probable in Fall 05
  • Best practicesin engineering
  • Drawing Management
ongoing initiatives epwog sub groups
Ongoing Initiatives - EPWOG Sub-Groups
  • Fire Protection Sub-Group
    • Active involvement at DOE Fire Safety Workshop & NFPA Conference
  • Configuration Management Sub-Group
    • As-built documentation
    • Document Control and Records Retention
    • Scope of CM Application (graded approach)
  • Engineering Standards Sub-Group
    • DOE contract for online national standards
    • Refocus Sub-Group direction
  • Value Management Sub-Group
    • VM as a tool within EFCOG
potential future initiatives
Potential Future Initiatives
  • Exploring possible engineering training event (modeled after SAWG) in 1-2 years
  • Maintaining list of potential initiatives, including:
    • DNFSB Recommendation 2004-2, Active Confinement Ventilation ( in conjunction with SAWG)
    • D&D technology
    • Cost drivers for engineering
    • Human Factors Engineering
    • Common item—approved vendors list
lessons challenges effectiveness
  • Increased communication among members
  • Diversity of members in how Engineering is organized and executed at individual member companies
  • Use of Value Management on Engineering Processes