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Inspiring Individuals PowerPoint Presentation
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Inspiring Individuals

Inspiring Individuals

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Inspiring Individuals

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  1. InspiringIndividuals

  2. Desmond Tutu The first black South African Archbishop of Cape Town. Opponent of apartheid and Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1984.

  3. Corrie Ten Boom A Dutch Christian who because of her faith, helped many Jews escape the Nazi Holocaust in World War 2. She went to prison for this.

  4. Nelson Mandela The first black South African to be president and a key figure in dismantling the apartheid legacy. Jailed for 27 years, he was finally released and later received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993.

  5. The Blessed Teresa of Calcutta ‘The fruit of faith is love, and the fruit of love is service.’

  6. Archbishop Oscar Romero Pope John II bestowed upon Oscar Romero the title of Servant of God. “Many would like the poor to keep on saying it is God’s will for them to live that way. But it is not God’s will for some to have everything and others to have nothing. That cannot be of God.”

  7. FatherDeo Founder of Agakura, a project that trains young people in agriculture. A truly inspirational man who has sacrificed much in order to serve the people of Burundi.

  8. MrsMaricho MrsMaricho gave up everything she had to help others and is truly an inspirational person. MrsMaricho moved to an island called Natandol in the Phillipines. She is a lone teacher to 600 children!

  9. Pauline Marie Jaricot Pauline Marie Jaricot founded what would become the world’s largest mission support organisation, with offices in 120 countries. The Association for the Propagation of the Faith.

  10. Don Pino ‘The things I do must be a sign, not to turn everything around… that would be an illusion. No, it’s just a sign to encourage others, especially the young. I do this to be able to say that, because there is nothing, we want to roll up our sleeves and build something. And if everyone does something, then together we can do so much…’

  11. Sara from Lanarkshire “In a world of consumerism and celebrities, we’re always being told to be someone different. It’s actually much more fun just to be yourself, but fully alive, and most of that comes through your relationships with other people. I think that’s how God works, showing us how extraordinary ordinary people really are.”