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Installation Art

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Installation Art . In the context of Printstallation. What is installation art?. Yayoi Kusama , Infinite Dots Mirrored Room, 1996 Mattress Factory Collection. Decenter perception: Altering traditional notions of perspective.

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installation art

Installation Art

In the context of Printstallation


What is installation art?

Yayoi Kusama, Infinite Dots Mirrored Room, 1996

Mattress Factory Collection


Decenter perception:

Altering traditional notions of perspective


Activate Space:

The audience ‘enters’ the space and circulates around and through the work


Regina SilveiraAbyssal, 2010

Adhesive vinyl, painted walls and light filters, 10.4 x 13.57



Instead of representing the world, installation art has the potential of ‘presenting’ the world, through:

  • Sound, smell, light, texture, etc.
  • Participation, dialogues, performance
  • Actions and Activism

CildoMeirelesInstallation view of 'The Surge of the Sea' (1991-1997)

at the Musem of Modern Art, Rio de Janeiro

Wood decking, books, soundtrack


Sarah Oppenheimer, 2008

aircraft grade plywood, framing structure

view into neighboring yard across street

remove transform
Remove - Transform
  • Observe the space
  • Choose an element and document the relationships between this element and the space that surrounds it, for example: the way its shadow cast the space, the distance from the element to other objects, the proportion of space that it takes in relation to the overall dimensions of the entire room, etc. Go as far as you want!
  • Remove the object from its space (be inventive)


Using the data that you collected find a way to:

Bring that element to the gallery by recreating its original space, or ‘presenting’ that space to your audience. Think about CildoMeirele’s work 'The Surge of the Sea'as a referent


Use the ‘absence’ of the element and work around it to ‘present’ the space your audience. You could bring that ‘absence’ in some way to the gallery space. Think about IlyaKavakov’s work ‘The Man Who Flew into Space from his Apartmen’ as a referent.

This project will be presented at the Frame Gallery, so use it as one of your referents for the exercise.