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Conceptual Art: Installation & Site-Specific PowerPoint Presentation
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Conceptual Art: Installation & Site-Specific

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Conceptual Art: Installation & Site-Specific - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Conceptual Art: Installation & Site-Specific. AWM 4M Grade 12 Visual Arts N. Marin. What is Installation & Site-Specific Art?.

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conceptual art installation site specific
Conceptual Art: Installation & Site-Specific


Grade 12 Visual Arts

N. Marin

what is installation site specific art
What isInstallation & Site-Specific Art?

Definition:Installationart describes an artistic genre of three-dimensional works that are often site-specific and designed to transform the perception of a space. (It is a relatively new genre of contemporary art.)

Unlike most painters, sculptors, or other visual artists, installation artists design their works for a specific place. In this way, the space, whether it is a gallery, a park, a museum, or even a hallway, becomes part of the object the artist creates. Because installation art is so dependent

on the environment in which it is placed, the artwork often loses meaning once it is removed and can even end up getting destroyed in the process.

→ Think of examples of site-specific art, globally and locally. This could include murals, mosaics, or public sculpture.

→ Point to ponder: Does graffiti count as site-specific art?

installation site specific art
Installation & Site-Specific Art

History: Installation art came to prominence in the 1970s but its roots can be traced back in artists such as Marcel Duchamp and his use of the “readymade”.

The artist's concept takes precedence and is explored visually and sometimes, interactively. This gives viewers an immediate, emotional response to the installation.

installation site specific art1
Installation & Site-Specific Art

Artist: Choi Xoo Ang

Medium: Polymer Clay

Concept: South Korean artist Choi Xoo Ang’s metaphorical painted, polymer clay figures are personal, literal and immediate. They symbolize abuse in Korea. If art is not relevant, in response to the society we live in, to some it may serve as meaningless.

installation site specific art2
Installation & Site-Specific Art

Artist: Dawn NG

Medium: Paper, wire

Concept: See Artist

Statement (next page)

Artist: Ebon Heath

Medium: Mixed Media

Concept:Ebon Heathtakes the 2 dimensional type constricted by its flatness on a page and sets it free 3 dimensionally, via hand made structural frames onto which type is anchored to. His installations examine the overload of information polluting our minds from modern media bombardment, brain-washing propaganda from day to day in our urban setting. The pollution of visible and invisible noise brought on from technology such as cell phone “suicide,” radio and television. Heath wants us to take command of our environment in annihilating our constant obsession, addiction to entertainment. His structures of moving words aim to “cleanse” and “release” entrapped information inside us all. Like poetry in motion or an MC on the mic who doesn’t solely rely on rhymes, but trusts his instinctual-internal rhythms-in projecting what must be felt physically coming from our minds.

Artist: Claire Morgan

Medium: Mixed Media

Concept:"My work is about our relationship with the rest of nature, explored through notions of change, the passing of time, and the transience of everything around us. For me, creating seemingly solid structures or forms from thousands of individually suspended elements has a direct relation with my experience of these forces. There is a sense of fragility and a lack of solidity that carries through all the sculptures. I feel as if they are somewhere between movement and stillness, and thus in possession of a certain energy.

Artist:Ludovic Le Couster & Sébastien Preschoux

Medium: Nylon wire

Concept: Rainbow Weaving, “Optical Disorders”

Artist:Bruce Nauman

Medium: Light installation

Concept:A fascination of the nature of communication and language's inherent problems, as well as the role of the artist as supposed communicator and manipulator of visual symbols.


As in all general forms of Conceptual Art, Installation artists are more concerned with the presentation of their message than with the means used to achieve it. As a result, Computer Art is becoming a key feature. Installation art is grounded - it remains tied to a physical space. Conceptualism and Installations are two of the best examples of Postmodernist Art

installation art project
Installation Art Project

In the Ottawa Catholic School Board, we celebrate and explore the Virtuous Life through the eight (8) Catholic Character Formations. These formations (themes) are found in the Gospels and include: Faith, Hope, Love, Community, Dignity of the Person, Stewardship for Creation, Justice and Excellence.

In groups of 2-3, you will explore ONE of the eight themes through an installation project. Be sure to cover the theme in a mature way, that evokes emotion or thought from the viewer. Avoid “cheesy” or obvious symbolic presentations (ie: a heart for love).

You will be responsible for all aspects of the project: gathering necessary materials (if not found in class), choosing a SITE or location, to install your work, presenting your concept to Mrs. Marin and then to Mr. Edwards and Mr. Porter (the head custodian) to ensure that no fire codes / safety codes are compromised.

Remember: The site you choose must be appropriate to your concept – either in relevance to theme, or in relation to aesthetics.