homelessness etc statistics after 2012
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Homelessness etc. Statistics after 2012

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Homelessness etc. Statistics after 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Homelessness etc. Statistics after 2012. Duncan Gray & Dr. Andrew Waugh 21.03.2013. What we’ve achieved in 2012-13. Moved homelessness statistics to quarterly reporting Passed our UKSA Assessment Establishing data sharing agreement with SHBVN. Key Developments.

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homelessness etc statistics after 2012

Homelessness etc. Statistics after 2012

Duncan Gray & Dr. Andrew Waugh


what we ve achieved in 2012 13
What we’ve achieved in 2012-13
  • Moved homelessness statistics to quarterly reporting
  • Passed our UKSA Assessment
  • Establishing data sharing agreement with SHBVN
why sg got involved
Why SG got involved?
  • We can clearly define data specification
  • Give guidance to LAs to standardise collection
  • Calculate SHR indicators on homelessness on a consistent basis
  • Provide an automatic reporting system back to LAs
the hl3
The HL3
  • Three stages
    • Is accommodation required?
    • Was accommodation offered?
    • Was accommodation taken up?
  • Meeting on 12 Feb.
  • Specification released following meeting.
  • Voluntary but with strong incentives.
the history
The History
  • Graeme Brown, director of Shelter Scotland, wrote in a letter to Inside Housing this week that it is ‘simply not credible’
  • “The Committee also considers that the Scottish Government should consider the development of a measurement tool for homelessness prevention work”
  • Collection is led by LA demand. A number already have systems in place..
  • Some questions influenced from the English pro forma in the P1E, but case level
  • Happens upstream of homelessness. Therefore needs to sit outwith homelessness recording (the HL1).
  • As far as possible, we want to measure outcomes, not activity.
  • Final consultation Jan/ Feb 2013.
the prevent1 return
The PREVENT1 Return
  • Application Details
  • Household Characteristics
  • Reasons for application
  • Prevention Activity
  • Outcomes
consultation 2013
Consultation - 2013
  • Followed discussion in Stats User Group in Dec 2012
  • Specific questions:-
    • Name of return;
    • Points of detail on draft sections.
    • Data interchange format.
    • Need for guidance.
    • Voluntary or Mandatory?
    • When able to provide?
  • Responses from 18 councils and 3 voluntary bodies
consultation councils
Consultation councils
  • Name of return: No strong views
  • Detail: Most had specific comments on detail.
  • Format: Most CSV, some XML, [Excel!]
  • Guidance: Yes, majority similar to HL1.
  • Voluntary: Most would prefer mandatory.
  • When: Ranges from 1 – 6 months after spec finalised. [One council – only after HL1 reviewed]
consultation voluntary bodies
Consultation: voluntary bodies
  • Shelter/ SCSH[now Homeless Action Scotland (HAS)]
  • Scottish Refugee Council

Shelter and HAS

    • Points of detail on proforma.
    • When/ what to record

Scottish Refugee Council

    • More general points on homelessness and refugees
possible minor hl1 changes
Possible (minor) HL1 changes
  • Ethnicity: Allow additional categories for consistency with PREVENT1
  • Support: Possible changes to the codes available for support needs questions
  • Outcomes: To measure non-permanent accommodation currently in HL2
timetable for changes
Timetable for changes

To be agreed by Homelessness Statistics User Group

other work
Other Work
  • Monitoring of the Scottish Welfare Fund (£33 million per annum)
  • XML Data Specification at:
  • http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Topics/Statistics/15257/1529/swf-dataspec
  • Upload system to be in place by 30 June 2013
the end
The End
  • www.scotland.gov.uk/homelessstats