chinese music dance and art n.
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Chinese Music, Dance And Art. PowerPoint Presentation
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Chinese Music, Dance And Art.

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Chinese Music, Dance And Art. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chinese Music, Dance And Art.
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  1. Chinese Music, Dance And Art. By Olivia, Lena and Esja

  2. INTRODUCTION- Chinese Art Chinese art is one of the oldest arts in the world. Since ancient time Chinese society has valued excellence in it’s art. Chinese arts have developed it’s own unique style and forms. In my opinion Chinese art must be very important to the Chinese people and their tradition, and culture.

  3. Introduction – Chinese Music Do you know about chances music? Well know you will. Chinese music are very popular in China an also very interesting. There are a lot of kinds for example pop music and opera. People in China says that the most popullare is opera. I think It would be wonderful to hear the Chinese music in China.

  4. INTRODUCTION Chinese music, art, and dance are all similar because they are all forms of Chinese expressions. They all have their differences as well. Chinese art is a form of expression that is seen with your eyes to interpret. Chinese music is a form of expression that your ears are used to interpret. Chinese dancing is a form of expression that you use your body movements to make. Which is your favorite form of expression?

  5. How Art Started The Chinese started to make decorative pots for more than 5,000 years ago. The pots were created mainly for ceremonies and rituals. From the time of the Han dynasty people began to enjoy art for it’s own sake. The Chinese are famous for it’s traditional arts like for an example paintings, calligraphy and creation of fine porcelain. In my opinion Chinese art is very interesting.

  6. THE THREE MAIN ART FORMS IN CHINA In ancient time people thought calligraphy was the finest form of art. Today people still think that art form is important. Calligraphy is based on eight brush stokes which are very hard to learn. Those who master them are highly respected. Traditional painting is also based on these eight brush strokes. Chinese paintings usually describes nature, landscapes, birds and flowers. These are popular subjects. These subjects are also used to decorate the world famous porcelain vases, which were made during the Ming dynasty.

  7. Chinese music How popular Chinese music are. Chinese music are very populate in china for example opera and pop music are popular in China. I wonder how it's different from America's and China's? Also wonder how much people are watching? I think that there are a tot of people watching. Imagine how many people there could be.

  8. CONCLSION- CHINESE ART Now you know a lot about Chinese Art. Next time you go to the museum and you see Chinese Art you will know a lot about it. You will know that it is a lot of history and tradition behind the Art and that artists have to put a lot of effort into it to get this good. A old Chinese museum

  9. CHINESE MUSIC • Chinese music can be tract as the third and instrument from extort period of t's history a rev not of the Chin dynasty caused all the books and insterment to be destroyed.

  10. MANY TIPES OF MUSIC There are many types of music in China. For example pop music and opera are the popular music in china. The most populare music in china is opera. The most populare instrument is piano and recorder and flute. I feel it would be wonderful to hear the popular music in China.

  11. Conclution – Chinese Music That is how Chinese music are like. I hope all these facts helped you who are reading.

  12. DANCE • Chinese dances are very interesting to learn and watch. They are different from Amrica dancing in masny ways. For example, the Chinese wear long dresses that are mostly bright color like red, orange, and green. Amrican usually don’t werar assignment clothing when they dance like the Chinese people do. In China, the young girls often dance more than young boys. Young girls around the age of 6-12 usually dance more than young boys. Women & Men also name their dance. Some people say it is easy to learn a traditional Chinese dance. Do you agree?