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Music and Dance of Belize PowerPoint Presentation
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Music and Dance of Belize

Music and Dance of Belize

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Music and Dance of Belize

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  1. Music and Dance of Belize By: Erika Lawrence

  2. Belizean Music • Features cultural blend of Creole, Mestizo, Garifuna, and Mayan influences. • Each culture brings unique instruments indicative of the musical origin. • Mestizo, heard in northern and western Belize, incorporate melodies of Marimba, Tap, Drums and double Bass • Creole is found in more rural settings and makes use of drums, banjo, and donkey’s jaw bone. • Similar to traditional Calypso music, Creole developed into a form called Burkdown. • Garifuna folk style combining music and dance. • Now recognized for Punta and Punta Rock, its pop dance form. • In general, expect to hear local reggae, hip hop, and jazz.

  3. Punta • Drums and African chants and is danced as a group • Dancing keeping arms and elbows close to upper body flexed while shaking and turning around. • Normally performed at major festivals or special occasions. • Junkaboo is a satire dance where the dancers dress like slave masters. • Developed during slavery. • Andy Placio is one of Belize’s most popular musicians, cultural hero, an activist for Garifuna culture and music. • • Watina by Andy Placio

  4. Punta Rock • More modern version of Punta • Most popular of all music genres in Belize • Moves are more provocative; hip gyrations more pronounced • Done with a partner • Super G is one of the most well known artists of this genre • Super G-Muevelo • • Wale Wine

  5. Burkdown • Belize Creole type of music • Originated in the days of enslaved African loggers • Done at night as a way to relax and enjoy themselves • Done in Creole languages and is considered rural music at its finest • Calypso rhythm consists of African chants • Drums, accordion, banjo, and guitar • Well known artists are Wilfred Peters, Leeva Vernon, and Gerald Rhaburn • Wilfred Peters

  6. Paranda • Soulful sound backed by guitars and drums. • Storytelling type of music. • Paul Nabor is considered the world’s greatest and oldest Garifuna musician and Belize’s greatest Paranda artist. • Responsible for Paranda being spread around the world. •

  7. Mayan Marimba and Harp Music • Played with a marimba or harp. • Marimba played by a group of men for ceremonies and special occasions. • Wooded xylophone originating from West Africa. • Many make their own instruments from hardwood. • The well known artist of this genre is Mayan Florence Mes. • • The group San Antonio •

  8. Dance Videos • If time permits, I can look up the dance videos. • Because they are kind of provocative, I didn’t know if they would be appropriate for the classroom setting.