andrew j ackson and s ome political p arties n.
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Andrew J ackson and S ome Political P arties!!(: PowerPoint Presentation
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Andrew J ackson and S ome Political P arties!!(:

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Andrew J ackson and S ome Political P arties!!(: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Andrew J ackson and S ome Political P arties!!(:. By: Connor A nderson, E mily L anders, K aleigh Cook, C onnor C rawford . Whig party . 1834-1856 Henry Clay

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andrew j ackson and s ome political p arties

Andrew Jackson and Some Political Parties!!(:

By: Connor Anderson, Emily Landers, Kaleigh Cook, Connor Crawford

whig party
Whig party
  • 1834-1856 Henry Clay
  • The Whig party was the most history concerned while promoting improvements such as roads, canals, railroads, deepening on rivers.
  • Formed in 1834 in opposition to the democratic party.
federalist party
Federalist Party
  • Alexander Hamilton and john Adams were the leaders of the federalist party.
  • Members of the party support a stronger national government , as well as higher tariffs, and governmental support in industry.
  • The federalist party was the first political party in the US.
democratic republicans
Democratic Republicans
  • Organized in 1792
  • Now called Republicans, opposite of Democrats
  • James Madison, John C. Calhoun, and many others were Democratic Republicans.
  • They were led by Alexander Hamilton and John Adams.
andrew j ackson
Andrew Jackson
  • Andrew Jackson tried to end the electoral college
  • Andrew Jackson tried to “democratize” the presidential cabinet and people said that wasn’t fair and he replied “to the victor goes the spoils…”
  • Somebody called him a jackass he liked it so the democratic symbol was born(donkey)
  • Referred to as king Andrew 1 by Henry clay, Daniel Webster
  • Then a second national bank was made and he said “the bank is trying to kill me but I will kill it.” he charged it with undue economic privilege.