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  1. BIRDS Rebeca Del Río Bermejo

  2. Classification

  3. What are they? • Birds are vertebrate animals. They characterized for their feathers, beaks and wings • Most birds can fly because they have wings and light bones

  4. Life of the birds • Birds life in community. The birds can eat all type of food. There are omnivours • Their houses are call nest. They can put their nests in trees, in the rocks of a mountain or in the hole of a house.

  5. Nests When breeding seasons arrives the birds built their nests. • They must to be a warm and safe place. • Birds built their nests with differents materials

  6. How they reproduce? • All birds put eggs. They are oviparous. They also incubate their eggs to keep them warm. • Birds have to watch over their eggs because they can be the food of some predators.

  7. The first days in their life • Some youngs borns without feathers and blindsand they need to be feed. • They don´t leave their nest until they have feathers and their mother teaches them to fly. • Others youngs born with feathers and leave the nest nothing more born.

  8. Feed • According to what they eat, their beak have got one or other form • Birds eat some types of food: seeds, fruit, insects, fish and animals such as rabbits • Some birds change their feeding depending on the time of year • Some birds living near rivers or seas to find food. Many others hunt animals or eat remains of dead animals.

  9. Fish Meat Kingfisher: Straight beak to catch a peck Vulture: It is a scanvenger bird and eat dead animals Insects Hen: Birds that eat seeds have short and hard beak

  10. Acuaticbirds Flamingolamenco Garza real Pelican Duck

  11. Bird of preys Owl Falcon Eagle

  12. Terrestrialsbirds Tucan Parrot Partridge Turkey

  13. Curiosities: The Storks • Storks nest on top of church steeples or chimneys of houses. Storks looking for good time travel. They are migratory birds. When you return from your trip using the nest they built last year

  14. Activity: Order the pictures K E O Y

  15. OKEY

  16. REFERENCES • Internet: some page to found information and photos • • Youtube: Tofound videos • Book: “La Aventura de Aprender”. Editorial Planeta