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Introduction Kelsey Johnson PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction Kelsey Johnson

Introduction Kelsey Johnson

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Introduction Kelsey Johnson

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  1. IntroductionKelsey Johnson Senior Focus- Electronic Media Houston

  2. Blog Title-Prescriptions • I chose this blog title because I will be writing about prescription drugs and the negative effects it has on our generation.

  3. Why I chose this topic? • Our generation dubbed millennial is also dubbed the generation of prescription drugs and it has become an increasing problem from people being overprescribed or just being prescribed the wrong drugs.

  4. What is its mission? • I intend for this blog to not be against or for prescriptions, but to be informative of the drugs negative side effects and other natural remedies that are available in place of those drugs.

  5. My posts •

  6. Who's the audience? • Millennials/college students • People who are prescribed prescription drugs, people who want to be prescribed, people who know someone with addiction issues to these drugs, people who are becoming aware of negative side effects, people who have experienced these issues long term or short term.

  7. How will I Connect with the audience? • By sharing stories of people who are have taken these drugs first hand and it what it does short term and long term. • Share real experiences to connect with the audience along with facts.

  8. What Media to use? Images • I used an image on my first blog to reveal that there are large amounts of prescription drugs being prescribed everyday at an over whelming amount. • These drugs are just as dangerous as street drugs if not worse but the difference is, is that a doctor is handing you these drugs instead of a drug dealer. • I wanted to emphasize this in the picture I used. Twitter • I used twitter to share my first blog post in order to gain more followers and intrigue people to read more of my posts. Links • I used links to reveal articles talking about this issue and to find out more facts about the prescription drugs so my audience will be informed and up to date.

  9. Problems • I first had a problem when making my first post because for some reason it wouldn’t work on my computer and then somehow I figured it out.

  10. How did I overcome these issues? • I googled the issues I was having and figured it out. • I did have to do some additional research as well.