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Kelsey Kevern Presents

Kelsey Kevern Presents

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Kelsey Kevern Presents

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  1. Kelsey KevernPresents

  2. Books Written by Marina Budhos: • Ask me No Questions • The Professor of Light • House of Waiting • Remix: Conversations with teenage immigrants .

  3. Summary • Ask Me No Questions is a very good book that keeps you on your toes the whole time. • Nadria and her family are illegal aliens, who among many Bangladesh people are fleeing to Canada. When emigrating to America they did not know their happiness would soon end. • 9/11 changed everything for Nadria and her family. You get to see how they risk their lives to be with each other, after fleeing and getting separated. Trying to get their family back together, the things two girls would do and go through to see their parents again.

  4. Setting: • September 11, 2001 • New York City • Twin Towers.

  5. Setting: • New York • New York City Queens

  6. Protagonist • Nadria:(main character, protagonist). • Nadria is about seventeen, and a junior in high school. Nadria is a regular teenager, who does not like school or homework, is always eating, not healthy things so her family calls her fat and who is compared to her older sister Ashia almost day of her life.

  7. More Characters: • Ashia: (main character, protagonaist) • Ashia is a senior in high school. She is the kind of girl who every parent wants, an A+ student. She is the Valedictorian for her high school, she is the president on the debate team. Ashia may be a smart girl but she is the one who tries the hardest to get her family back.

  8. Characters: • Ali- Uncle, Auntie, Uncle, Taslima,Torqe, and Mr. Rashid,. (minor characters) • All of these people are Nadria’s and Ashia’s family who they live with and help them as much as they can in the book to get there visa papers and back to their family.

  9. Exposition Nadria and her family are fleeing to Canada. They think by doing this they will be more happy and free, but since 9/11 everything changed for them.

  10. Rising Action • Abba gets thrown into jail • Mama is sent to a shelter • Nadria and Ashia are sent to live with their aunt and uncle in New York.

  11. Climax • Nadria and Ashisa risk their lives to save there parents. • They go to countless lawyers to see if they can get there visas signed. • Auntie and Uncle and their daughter are taken in for questioning about there visas.

  12. Falling Action • Nadria and her sister get enough money to go to Mr. Rashiad. • Waitng in courtroom, to see if they get there father back.

  13. Resolution • Mr. Rashiad grants Nadria and her family residency and signs there visa cards. • Nadria and her family agree its time to go home.

  14. Rating: • I would rate this book a five. I rate it that because it is not written in the best way. The way it is written is a little bit confusing, but it is still a good book. I would recommend it to anyone.

  15. Possible Themes: • Terrorism/ 9/11 • Illegal aliens/ Expiring Visas • Equal Rights • Emigration • Immigration

  16. 9/11 and Terrorism • 9/11 and Terrorism: -When: September 11, 2001 -Who: Six Hijackers and 3,000 American Citizens killed -Where: Twin Towers, New York City, New York.

  17. Timeline of that day • 8:20 AM- Air Traffic Controllers suspect flight 11 has been hijacked. • 8:46AM –Flight 11 crashes into the WTC (World Trade Center. ( twenty min after last contact) • 8:52 AM- Two F-15’s take off after flight 175 • 8:56 AM- Flight 77 is already in contact with the pentagon • 9:10 AM- Flight 175 Crashes into WTC

  18. President Bush’s Reactions: • Bush demanded that Afghanistan's Taliban government turn over Osama Bin Laden • Refused to negotiate and said no distinction would be made between terrorist and those who previously harbored it.

  19. Bush’s reactions • In October of 2001 President Bush ordered air and ground raids against Afghanistan, Beginning the War on Terrorism. • War on Terrorism is still being fought today over in the Middle East.

  20. Ignoring Headlines • Us. Ignored countless headlines from Al Qaida. • The screaming headline “BIN LADEN DETERMINED TO STRIKE THE US!” (Charles Johnson) • The United states just brushed it off the table. • Evening ignoring FBI warnings

  21. ~Not a Tomb Stone~ • September 11, 2001 will not become a tomb stone to the nations proud tradition of being open to foreign visitors. • People are still emigrating to be free and to get away from all of the terror in there homelands

  22. September 11, 2001 • Where were you? • What were you doing? • How did it affect you? • What did you think was going to happen to you? • DO YOU REMEMBER?!?!

  23. 9/11 Pictures

  24. 9/11 pictures cont..

  25. ~In memory~`