ribosomes and cilia n.
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Ribosomes and Cilia

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Ribosomes and Cilia - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ribosomes and Cilia. Peter Pferdoert, Kevin Wenger, Cullen Seipp. The world of the Ribosome. Ribosomes What do they look like?. Ribosomes look like tiny dots inside the cytoplasm. What cells contain ribosomes. Generally, all cells contain the Ribosome. What do Ribosomes do for the cell?.

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ribosomes and cilia

Ribosomes and Cilia

Peter Pferdoert, Kevin Wenger, Cullen Seipp

ribosomes what do they look like
RibosomesWhat do they look like?
  • Ribosomes look like tiny dots inside the cytoplasm
what cells contain ribosomes
What cells contain ribosomes
  • Generally, all cells contain the Ribosome.
what do ribosomes do for the cell
What do Ribosomes do for the cell?
  • Ribosomes are tasked with the synthesis of protein chains.
  • They do this by creating long protein chains that are then sent into the cytoplasm and absorbed by organelles, etc.
  • “In the process of the synthesis of protein chains the messenger RNS codons are read by the anticodons of adaptor, transfer RNAs (tRNAs) that carry codon-specific amino acids. These amino acids are added to a growing protein chain by a peptide bond formation in the center of the Ribosome.”
what were those big words in the previous slide
What were those big words in the previous slide!?
  • “A codon is a nucleotide that specifies an amino acid.”
  • “The ribonucleic acid (RNA) that is directly involved in the transcription of the pattern of bases from the DNA to provide a blueprint for the construction of proteins is called messenger RNA or typically mRNA
what would a ribsome be in a factory
What would a ribsome be in a factory?
  • In a factory the ribsome would play the role of assembly line.
what is cilia
What is Cilia?
  • Cilia is a small, microscopic, hair-like moving structure. They occur in large quantities on the surface of certain cells.

Cilia are not independent, they are attached to the cell’s outer layer, as shown in the picture to the left. The tentacle- looking objects are cilia.

what does cilia do for a cell
What does cilia do for a cell?
  • It helps move fluids across the surface in an animal cell
  • If a cilia were working in a factory it would work in the shipping

Section of the factory, or moving things from one area to another.

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