Welcome 2 nd grade parents
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Welcome 2 nd Grade Parents!. Highcroft Drive Elementary 2 nd Grade. Ms. Norman Mrs. Jankowski Ms. Graham Mrs. Frasz Mrs. Bunker Mrs. Tempke Ms. Hussey Mrs. Carroll. 2 nd Grade Daily Schedule. 8:45-9:15 Morning Work 9:20-10:20 Math 10:30-11:00 Lunch 11:00-11:30 Read Aloud

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Welcome 2 nd grade parents
Welcome 2nd Grade Parents!

Highcroft drive elementary 2 nd grade
Highcroft Drive Elementary 2nd Grade

Ms. Norman

Mrs. Jankowski

Ms. Graham

Mrs. Frasz

Mrs. Bunker

Mrs. Tempke

Ms. Hussey

Mrs. Carroll

2 nd grade daily schedule
2nd Grade Daily Schedule

  • 8:45-9:15 Morning Work

  • 9:20-10:20 Math

  • 10:30-11:00 Lunch

  • 11:00-11:30 Read Aloud

  • 11:30-12:15 Specials

  • 12:15-12:45 Recess

  • 12:45-2:45 Daily 5/Literacy

  • 2:45-3:30 Social Studies/Science

  • 3:30 Clean up and Dismissal

What is the daily five
What is The Daily Five?

  • The Daily Five is a literacy structure that teaches independence and gives children the skills needed to create a lifetime love of reading and writing. The children work on building their stamina until they are successful at being independent.

Components of the daily five
Components of The Daily Five

  • Read to Self

  • Work on Writing

  • Word Work/Letterland

  • Read to Someone

  • Listen to Reading

Read to self
Read to Self

  • Children reading to themselves is the first step in Daily Five and is the foundation for creating independent readers and writers.

Work on writing
Work on Writing

  • The writing component of the Daily Five provides additional support children require to become effective writers. Its purpose is to provide daily writing practice.

Read to someone
Read to Someone

  • Reading with someone helps readers, especially developing readers, become more self-sufficient and less reliant on the teacher for assistance. Research shows that taking turns while reading increases reading involvement, attention, and collaboration.

Word work letterland
Word Work / Letterland

During Word Work, we focus on spelling patterns and vocabulary work with children.

  • Collaboration with classmates

  • Assessments

How can parents help at home
How can parents help at home?

  • Hold the student accountable

  • Encourage the student to find and fix spelling errors

  • Practice good spelling habits in written work across all areas of the curriculum

2 nd grade writing program
2nd Grade Writing Program

Small Moments/Personal Narrative

Opinion Writing

Informative/Report Writing

Imaginative Writing

2 nd grade mathematics program
2nd Grade Mathematics Program

Math Skills for 2nd Grade

  • Numbers and Operations

  • Measurement- Inches, Centimeters, etc.

  • Time and Money

  • Data Analysis- Graphing

  • Geometry- Shapes

  • Algebra- Equations

  • Word Problems

2 nd grade mathematics program1
2nd Grade Mathematics Program

Components of Math Workshop

in 2nd Grade

  • Daily Problem Solving

  • Math Talk/Math Leader

  • Hands On Learning

  • Math Fact Fluency

  • Application and Extension

  • Check for understanding

2 nd grade science program
2nd Grade Science Program

Science is taught ~4 weeks per quarter

Science Units are Filled with Hands On Activities:


Matter-Solids and Liquids


Life Cycles

2 nd grade social studies program
2nd Grade Social Studies Program

  • Civics & Government

    • Structure & Function of local communities, Citizen participation in communities

  • History & Culture

    • Past and Present

  • Geography

    • Maps and globes

  • Economics & Financial Literacy

    • Supply & Demand, Entrepreneurship, Market Economy

2 nd grade field trips
2nd Grade Field Trips*

Historic Oak View

Snow White- The Musical Fairy Tale

Asheboro Zoo

Additional In-House Field Trips




Animal Life Cycles

Learning Experiences

Holidays Around The World

A Bug’s Life

Young Authors

May 15th

Ways to help your 2 nd grader
Ways to Help Your 2nd grader

  • Get to school on time.

  • Get good rest and eat a healthy breakfast.

  • Pack your child a nutritious snack.

  • Look over and discuss your child’s homework nightly.

  • Practice math facts.

  • Read nightly.

  • Encourage independence and responsibility .

Letters to parents
Letters to Parents

  • Please be sure to read the letter your child wrote you. Please reply to his or her letter so that he or she can read it for morning work tomorrow.

  • Thank you for coming tonight!!