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Welcome Parents!

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Welcome Parents! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome Parents!. Please sign in and have a seat. . Fourth Grade Section 4B. Welcome, Parents!. Mrs. Akilah . Background Graduated from California State University, Fullerton with B.S. in Child and Adolescent Development Credentialed to teach K-8 grade. Experience

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Welcome Parents!

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    1. Welcome Parents! Please sign in and have a seat.

    2. Fourth Grade Section 4B Welcome, Parents!

    3. Mrs. Akilah • Background • Graduated from California State University, Fullerton with B.S. in Child and Adolescent Development • Credentialed to teach K-8 grade • Experience • I have experience working in public and private schools throughout California. • I taught fifth grade for one year. • This is my sixth year teaching 4th grade.

    4. Mrs. Akilah • Personal Background • Born and raised in California • Moved up to the Bay Area in 2005 • Married with three children • Enjoy spending time with friends as well as cooking, gardening, and exploring as a family

    5. My Goals As a teacher, I want to encourage students to become well rounded individuals. My focus this year for each student is: • 1) Building a honorable Muslim character • 2) Enriching student knowledge • 3) Building sufficiency, self-confidence, and responsibility

    6. Standards Based Teaching • All teaching based on California Board of Education’s Content Standards for learning • Standards= Content, skills, and abilities students should know by the end of 4thgrade • Focus on certain chapters/concepts more than others

    7. Grading Policy

    8. Homework • Homework sheet is given on the first day of the week • Homework is due the very next day the child has that class. For example: S.S. hw is due on Tuesdays and Fridays • Homework is to be completed neatly in cursive or print • 1 assignment=5 points • -1 points for each day an assignment is late • The week’s homework sheet can be found on our TeacherWeb site

    9. Participation Student involvement in class discussions and activities is essential. Hearing your children’s thoughts and opinions in class is thoroughly refreshing. Participation grade is included in the class work portion of the grade. Participation=whole group, small group, group activities, etc.

    10. Communication with Parents • Teacher Webpage • Homework sheet—homework assignments, upcoming tests, important announcements • Email—for updates and confidential communication • Leave a message with Halima at the front desk

    11. Classroom Agreements We worked together as a class to come up with important agreements to help keep the classroom safe and enjoyable. • Follow directions and procedures carefully. • Pay attention to who is speaking. • Only speak when you are given permission. • Be respectful of school property. • Respect people’s privacy and space. • Use your manners and respectful language. • Keep chairs tucked in and on all four legs at all times. • Only bring materials that are allowed. Be the best that you can be!

    12. Behavior Policy • Students are expected to follow all school rules and classroom agreements. • Students will be given an action plan after they have received three formal warnings • Action plan—will help overcome student behavior—positive solution • If needed, parent teacher conference will be scheduled

    13. Language ArtsThere are six themes: • Imagination at Work: Amazing stories make this theme one that students will never forget. • A New Home: In this theme, students will read about characters who must make themselves at home in a new community. • Exploring Our World: Students will learn about the many ways to explore the world around us. • Facing Challenges: Students will read stories about amazing men and women overcoming obstacles. • Getting the Job Done: In this theme, students will learn about various jobs and how society contributes to making them successful. • Natural Changes: The stories focus on the natural world around us and how we adapt to its amazing features.

    14. LA (continued) • Focus on one story per week • Spelling Test each week and Vocabulary, and Comprehension Tests each other week • Grammar and written tests periodically • Essays/projects • 1 or more essays per month • Writer’s Notebook-a place for students to record their thought process • Literature Circles—Novel reading at the end of the year • Free Write Friday

    15. Social Studies We are focusing on our beautiful state of California this year. Students will be learning about the history, culture, and people, InshAllah. • Unit 1: The Land of California • Unit 2: Early People in California • Unit 3: Early History to Statehood • Unit 4: Growth and Development Since 1850 • Unit 5: California Government

    16. Social Studies (continued) • Hands on projects, activities, and explorations: Travel brochures, clay landforms, dioramas, models, etc. • Special exploration booklet for every theme (activities, vocabulary, etc) • Tests at end of unit (or mid unit for longer units)

    17. Salat • Fourth Graders have the privilege of attending salat this year! • Wudu procedures • Make wudu quickly and efficiently • Salah procedures • Respect Masjid, concentrate while praying and remain quiet at all times

    18. End of the day • 1) Student will clear desk of all materials from the last period • 2) Student will clean up around his/her desk area • 3) Student will empty his/her mailbox • 4) Student will quickly pack his/her backpack with materials needed for home • 5) Student will wait quietly to be dismissed • 6) Students will be dismissed to line up and walk to the parking lot

    19. Appointment policy • Please make an appointment with me to discuss any questions or concerns you have about your child’s education. You may use the class schedule (posted on Teacherweb) to find a convenient time to meet. I may be contacted at merfeta@granadaschool.org .

    20. Volunteering • Your children love to see their parents participate in their education. • You can help on site, or at home. • Our Room Parent will reach out to you to request your assistance.

    21. Wish list • Your donations are greatly appreciated.

    22. Thank you for taking time to attend Back to School night! Be sure to respond to your child’s letter!