40th annual global media communications conference december 3 2012 n.
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40th Annual Global Media & Communications Conference December 3, 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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40th Annual Global Media & Communications Conference December 3, 2012

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40th Annual Global Media & Communications Conference December 3, 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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40th Annual Global Media & Communications Conference December 3, 2012. BEASLEY BROADCAST GROUP. Bruce Beasley – President & COO Caroline Beasley – Executive Vice President & CFO BBGI: NASDAQ www.bbgi.com. Safe Harbor.

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40th Annual Global Media & Communications Conference December 3, 2012

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Presentation Transcript
40th annual global media communications conference december 3 2012

40th Annual Global Media &Communications ConferenceDecember 3, 2012


Bruce Beasley – President & COO

Caroline Beasley – Executive Vice President & CFO

BBGI: NASDAQwww.bbgi.com

safe harbor
Safe Harbor

During the course of this presentation and the subsequent Q&A period, the Company may make certain forward-looking statements that are based upon current expectations and involve certain risks and uncertainties within the meaning of the U.S. Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Please note that these statements may be impacted by several factors, including economic changes and changes in the radio broadcast industry generally and, accordingly, the Company's actual performance and results may vary from those stated herein. The Company undertakes no obligation to update the information contained herein, except as required by law.

The following presentation includes measures of performance that are not calculated in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). However, the Company believes these measures are useful to an investor in evaluating its performance because they reflect a measure of performance for its radio stations before considering costs and expenses related to its specific corporate and capital structure. They also help measure performance before the impact of any acquisitions or dispositions completed during the relevant periods, which allows an investor to measure only the performance of radio stations it owned and operated during the entire relevant periods. These measures are widely used in the broadcast industry to evaluate a radio company's operating performance and are used by management for internal budgeting purposes. Investors should not consider these measures in isolation or as substitutes for operating income, net income or any other measure for determining our operating performance that is calculated in accordance with GAAP. In addition, because these measures are not calculated in accordance with GAAP, they are not necessarily comparable to similarly titled measures employed by other companies. A reconciliation of all non-GAAP financial measures to the most directly comparable financial measure calculated and presented in accordance with GAAP can be found in the Appendix of this presentation or on the Company’s web site, www.bbgi.com in the Investor Relations section.

company profile
Company Profile
  • Founded in 1961
    • Initial public offering in 2000
  • Pure-play radio broadcaster offering 360° marketing solutions
  • 44 stations in 11 large and mid-size markets
  • Reach 6.4 million people per week
  • Broad range of programming formats target diverse demographics
  • 2012 YTD financial results highlight significant operating leverage in model
    • Revenue of $72.8 million, up 0.4%
    • SOI(1) of $26.9 million, up 8.0%

SOIis a non-GAAP financial measure which is defined and reconciled at the end of this presentation

large mid market clusters digital operations
Large/Mid-Market Clusters & Digital Operations

Owns or operates 44 stations in 11 markets

Philadelphia, PA

Population: 5.4 million

Wilmington, DE

Population: 0.6 million

Atlanta, GA

Population: 5.1 million





Boston, MA

Population: 3.8 million

Las Vegas, NV

Population: 1.5 million





Greenville, NC

Population: 0.5 million




Augusta, GA

Population: 0.4 million

Fayetteville, NC

Population: 0.3 million







Ft. Myers/Naples, FL

Population: 0.8 million




Miami, FL

Population: 3.5 million

West Palm Beach, FL

Population: 1.1 million





* Operated through a management agreement

** Operated in the expanded AM band

operating strategies
Operating Strategies
  • Focus on core product and local content and leverage radio’s strengths
    • Leading programming and formats
    • Effective cross-platform advertising solutions
  • Drive profitable revenue growth
    • Expand digital offerings
    • Adopt relevant new technology
      • Enhance user experience
      • Increase advertiser accountability
      • Achieve operating efficiencies
  • Maintain strict expense management
    • Improve margins
    • Grow SOI
  • Manage balance sheet
    • Reduce leverage
  • Anticipate and adapt to listener and advertisers’ needs and changes in media/advertising
radio remains strong across all demos
Radio Remains Strong Across all Demos
  • Radio is a highly relevant, multi-platform hyper-local medium because it is wireless, real-time, free and ubiquitous
    • Over the past 10 years, while Internet radio has added nearly 100 million listeners, traditional broadcast radio grew approximately 7%
    • Radio reaches over 90% of virtually every segment of the population

Source: RADAR 114 September 2012, Mon-Sun 6A-Mid

Source: Arbitron/Edison Research (2006-2012)

Bridge Ratings (2003-2005)

NOTE: Weekly listeners for Broadcast Radio; Monthly listeners for Internet Radio

am fm streaming is largest internet radio driver
AM/FM Streaming is Largest Internet Radio Driver
  • Growth in live streaming of AM/FM radio stations continues to accelerate
    • Streaming of AM/FM radio stations shows continued attractiveness of core radio content
















Source: Arbitron/Edison (2006-2011, 2012)

radio s weekly reach exceeds other media
Radio’s Weekly Reach Exceeds Other Media

Source: Scarborough USA+, Release 1 2012USA Adults 18-34 (Sample Size: 29,250)

Source: Scarborough USA+, Release 1 2012USA Adults 25-54 (Sample Size: 88,248)

radio dominates other audio options
Radio Dominates Other Audio Options

Source: 2012.2 MBI USA TouchPoints; Note: Internet streaming includes PC, mobile & tablet

NOTE: Non-exclusive daily reach (%) by audio source

radio s market share remains consistent
Radio’s Market Share Remains Consistent
  • Radio revenue has represented 8-9% of total U.S. advertising spend since 2000 despite a proliferation of new media and options
    • Approximately 80% of radio advertising is local spot advertising
    • The remainder consists of network and national spot advertising
  • Radio’s reach, value and effectiveness have protected its share among total U.S. advertising spending

Advertising Share by Media Channel

Source: Barclays Capital (May 2011) and Magna Global

bbgi s healthy target demo ratings
BBGI’s Healthy Target Demo Ratings

Source: Arbitron

NOTE: PPM Average, 2BK Average; Fall/Spfor Augusta, Fayetteville, Fort Myers, Wilmington

beasley online connections per platform2
Beasley – Online Connections Per Platform



  • Radio reaches listeners every day through:
  • Custom Apps / iRadioNOW
  • Web
  • Podcasts
  • Local News / Updates
  • New Music
  • Concerts
  • Community Outreach
  • Contests
  • Texting
  • Database Marketing
  • Facebook / Twitter / Social Networking
  • Video / Blogs
  • Promotions
hd radio presents compelling opportunities
HD Radio Presents Compelling Opportunities
  • Reach 88% of U.S. population with significant coverage in top ten markets
    • 272 markets with HD radio stations
  • In the car, HD Radio receivers will be on all auto brands over the next 18 months
    • 36 brands have or plan to incorporate HD Radio technology by 2014
    • Over 150 vehicles from luxury to sub-compact have HD Radio technology
    • 75 vehicles have HD Radio as a standard feature
    • iBiquityexpects 10 million HD Radio-equipped cars on the road in 2013
  • Plans continue for addition to cell phones
    • HD Radio in handsets enables convergence between broadcast radio and cellular back channels for interactive advertising
  • Mobility and features such as real-time traffic will allow HD Radio to better compete with alternatives
  • According to iBiquity, the number of HD Radio receivers in use is approximately 9 million
    • Forecasts put total HD Radio units at 64 million by 2015, with 26 million of those units in cars

HD Radio Applications

Receivers in OEM Automotive Passing Critical Mass

Consumer Benefits

  • PSD
  • HD2/HD3
  • Music Tagging
  • iTunes Tagging
  • Traffic
  • Artist Experience
  • Advertiser Experience
  • Premium Content
  • Active Radio
  • More content
  • Graphical interface
  • Music discovery & purchase
  • Interactivity
  • Real-time information
  • Large footprint
  • Superior reception
  • Low power consumption

Chart source: iBiquity

interactive experience key to hd radio
Interactive Experience Key to HD Radio

Artist Experience

Traffic Experience

Advertiser Experience

radio connects with listeners
Radio Connects With Listeners
  • Radio connects personally
  • Radio has the power of persuasion

A personal, para-social interaction with their favorite radio personality

Radio on because their favorite personality is on-air

Follow their favorite personality/radio station on social media

Talk to their friends about their favorite personality or program content

Consider radio personalities to be a good or best friend or companion









Have considered or purchased a product/service advertised during their favorite Radio personality’s show

Their favorite Radio personality influences their opinion

Have considered or purchased a product or service recommended by their favorite personality

Sources: USC, Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism, PSI Study released June 2012, Woodley, P. and Movius, L. People With a Favorite Radio Personality in Los Angeles; Alan Burns “Here She Comes” 2012 online survey of 2,010 women 15-54 in May 2012;

bbgi has a strong portfolio of local content
BBGI Has a Strong Portfolio of Local Content
  • Local personalities fill our morning airwaves and other key day parts

Catey Hill

Austin Rhodes

  • Mike O’Brian, Jim Tofte & Carla Rea

Mike Tech

Cadillac Jack

Big Mamma& the WiLD Bunch

Carlyle and Company

Doc & Andie

radio is always available especially in times of crisis
Radio is Always Available, Especially in Times of Crisis

February 2, 2011

Chicago Blizzard

August 23, 2011

East Coast Earthquake

March 11, 2011

West Coast Tsunami

40% increase

AM drive share on news radio in four major cities

5-fold increase

Afternoon Cume on news radio in Washington, DC

30% increase

PM drive cume on news radio in Chicago

August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene

October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy


Midday Cume on news radio in New York

70% increase

in prime-time audience in metropolitan NY

Source: Arbitron

fm chip adoption carries multiple benefits
FM Chip Adoption Carries Multiple Benefits
  • The industry continues to push for the activation of radio chips in mobile devices, with recent backing from the FCC
    • Eases access to radio content in times of emergency
    • Reduces bandwidth needs by limiting radio streaming over wireless networks
bbgi market revenue growth vs industry
BBGI Market Revenue Growth vs. Industry

NOTE: BBGI Revenue for 2009 through 2012 is same-station

Source: Company reports and RAB

expense discipline drives margins soi
Expense Discipline Drives Margins/SOI


CBS & CCU report revenue only; Entercom, Salem and BBGI revenue is same station

Represents 3Q12

SOURCE: Company reports and RAB

improving operating efficiencies
Improving Operating Efficiencies

SOURCE: Company reports

bbgi s new credit facility
BBGI’s New Credit Facility
  • Key terms
    • Entered into two new credit agreements on August 9
    • $110.0 million first lien facility
      • $20.0 million revolver and $90.0 million term loan
    • $25.0 million second lien term loan
  • Key uses of new senior secured debt
    • Repay existing $120.2 million outstanding balance of prior facility
    • Pay costs incurred in connection with the credit facilities
    • Fund general corporate purposes
  • Impact on BBGI
    • Extended maturities offer stability and flexibility
    • Higher borrowing costs
debt reduction remains a priority
Debt Reduction Remains a Priority
  • Paid down $72.2 million of debt from $191.1 million to $118.9 million in the past 5 years
    • 3Q12 LTM Adjusted EBITDA reached $29.9 million
    • De-levered from peak of 7.3x in 2Q09 to 3.97x at 3Q12 (3.8x on net basis)
  • De-risking the company and providing needed financial flexibility
industry ltm leverage
Industry LTM Leverage

Source: Thomson Reuters and company reports

NOTE: LTM as of 9/30/12

investment considerations
Investment Considerations
  • Leading local station clusters and ratings in our markets
  • Focus on profitable revenue growth
  • Streamlined cost and operating structure resulting in significant operating leverage:
    • Model is delivering strong cash flow growth from ad recovery, modest revenue increases
    • Opportunity to drive cash flow growth by matching market revenue performance
  • Declining debt and leverage ratio
  • Capital allocation priorities
    • Debt reduction
    • Acquisitions
    • Return capital to shareholders
  • Actively developing strategies to benefit from changes in media/advertising
    • 360 marketing solutions
  • Radio’s near-term future is bright:
    • Industry analysts project radio revenue growth through 2014
    • 92% of Americans say that radio plays an important part in their daily lives
    • Radio chip in cell phone
    • Expanded digital initiatives, including mobile
    • HD radio
40th annual global media communications conference december 3 20121

40th Annual Global Media &Communications ConferenceDecember 3, 2012


Bruce Beasley – President & COO

Caroline Beasley – Executive Vice President & CFO

BBGI: NASDAQwww.bbgi.com