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Solamon Alternative Energy | Offers insight and provide the

Solamon Alternative Energy offers insight and provide the public with a deeper understanding on the availability and viability of alternative fuel sources that can be used instead of the usual oil and petroleum we have today.

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Solamon Alternative Energy | Offers insight and provide the

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  1. Solamon Alternative Energy

  2. ABOUT • Solamon Alternative Energy offers insight and provide the public with a deeper understanding on the availability and viability of alternative fuel sources that can be used instead of the usual oil and petroleum we have today. • Energy expenditure is not only in energy we use for industrial, residential and commercial purposes, but also on the automobile sector. It is undeniable that the number of automobiles around the world alone (and their subsequent use of fuel) is already a very large contributor in polluting nature. • The possible options we’d like to see the governments consider for use in the future and are being explored in the present are fuel cells, biofuel and batteries.

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