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Alternative Energy

Changing Our World for the Better. Alternative Energy. I enjoy spending my free time with friends and family The only material thing I need is my snowboard Besides voting I am not very involved in politics

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Alternative Energy

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  1. Changing Our World for the Better Alternative Energy

  2. I enjoy spending my free time with friends and family The only material thing I need is my snowboard Besides voting I am not very involved in politics I’m looking for a job in the field of mechanical engineering, hopefully in the automotive industry Matt Hough

  3. Any kind of fuel derived from biomass Reduce greenhouse gas emissions Renewable Bio-fuels like ethanol are becoming more popular Bio-fuel

  4. Ethanol Bio-diesel Farm Waste Examples

  5. Startech Plasma Converter Uses a process known as plasma gasification to break down waste Almost any kind of waste can be used to create energy Only bi-products are hydrogen gas, carbon monoxide, and an obsidian like gas It can produce enough energy to power itself

  6. Mechanical Engineer Automotive Industry General Contracting Lacrosse Hanging out with Friends Important Things

  7. Powered by Potential Energy of Water Water spins a Turbine Power = Height * Rate * Efficiency Constant Hydroelectricity

  8. Hydroelectric Turbine

  9. No Emissions No Fossil Fuels Used Mostly Automated Consistent Power Output Benefits

  10. Family and Friends are very important to me. Material possesions don’t mean much all I need is my Xbox. Hopefully will get a job as a chemical engineer, and will have a good amount of vaction/free time. Politically very libertarian/ I want very little government involvement. Adam Stubert

  11. Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems

  12. SUDS are methods for water drainage that help to improve water quality, and reduce the risk of flooding. SUDS

  13. Elements of landscaping that help to remove silt, and pollution. They are downhill running ditches with slightly sloping sides. The ditches are filled with vegetation, compost, and shot rock. They are commonly built around parking lots to help remove automotive pollution Bioswales

  14. Porous pavement is designed to allow water and air to flow freely through the paving material. Permeable paving is advantageous because it prevents the problems caused by water runoff from normal paving surfaces. Problems like stream erosion, and siltation. Permeable Paving

  15. Permeable paving also helps to keep pollution out of groundwater, and allows for the water seepage to recharge ground water. They help to trap heavy metats, and some micro organisms in the pavement digest car oils turning them into CO2 and water. The cost of permeable paving is also usually cheaper than impermeable systems with a separate drainage system. Permeable Paving II

  16. Are designed to prevent flooding in areas that are downstream of flooding prone areas. They usually allow large amounts of water to enter but only allow small amounts to leave. Often when not flooded they can be used as parks. Detention Basins

  17. Roof gardens are what they sounds like. Gardens on the roof of a building. They not only provide for rainfall atenuation, but also can remove particulate from the air. As little as 1.5square meters of grass can produce enough oxygen to sustain a human for a year. Garden Roofs

  18. Personal state of mind: mellow • Social Life: Friends are basically family, keep them close, never turn your back on them and they will always be there • Material life: Give me a music, TV, and videogames and I’ll be set • Work/Occupation: Hopefully I will have one after college • Recreation: Friends, Videogames, All different kinds of sports, preferably contact like rugby and football • Political Life: Go by whose best qualified, doesn’t matter what political party Justin Uy

  19. The use of hydrogen greatly reduces pollution • - It services as cleaner more efficient alternative to fossil fuels • Hydrogen has many ways it can be produced • - Coal, gasoline, methane, biomass and water are all different means that hydrogen can be produced • If hydrogen is produced from water we have a sustainable production system • - Its one of the greatest resources we have and renewable energy can be used for this process of separating the oxygen and hydrogen Sustainability Hydrogen Energy

  20. State of Mind: Have fun, work hard, and be happy Social Life: My friends are extremely important to me. Going out and having fun is key in life. Material Life: Everyone enjoys materials, but I’ve grown up without that being to important. Occupation: I don’t know what I want to be, but I’d like to be successful and enjoy what I do. Recreation: I just want a Philly team to win a championship. Political Life: I’m much more worried about what is going on where I live. That’s not really a great thing, but I think it’s only natural. Ryan Young

  21. Wind Energy • The U.S. gets less than 1% of its energy from wind turbines. • Wind Power is growing at 25% worldwide. • The U.S. is building wind farms faster than any other country. • If only 20% of wind energy is captured, it could satisfy 7 times the world’s energy. • Wind energy releases zero greenhouse gases of acid gases.

  22. Problems with Wind Energy • Simply, the wind doesn’t blow all the time. • There would have to be another source of energy for times there is not enough wind. • People don’t want to build turbines if there is not already lines to the cities. • People don’t want to build lines without the turbines.

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