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Solamon Energy Otakus - Anime and Manga Reviews

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Solamon Energy Otakus is dedicated to all otakus worldwide who wants to glean more information about their favorite anime and idol characters. This blog regularly features an extensive collection of anime series complete with OVAs, movies, character descriptions, OST lyrics and episode list.

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about solamon energy otakus
About Solamon Energy Otakus

An extensive collection of anime series.

Solamon Energy Otakus is dedicated to all otakus worldwide who wants to glean more information about their favoriteanime and idol characters.This blog regularly features an extensive collection of anime series complete with OVAs, movies, character descriptions, OST lyrics and episode list.


Of course we have all the big names in our repertoire but we are more in favor of those ones who don’t get as much coverage as NRT, BLCH and OP are getting. And we’re not all about shounen either — you can find a diverse title collection in our database, from comedy/slice of life to adventure/scifi/mecha (and yeah, we also have shoujo). And as a bonus for our dear readers, we also do anime reviews, story arc guides and character profiles (full-pledge descriptions with energy rankings and all that jazz).

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character profile hisoka
Character Profile: Hisoka

Hisoka (ヒソカ) is a character from the popular anime/manga series Hunter x Hunter by Yoshihiro Togashi.His generally dark character is depicted as a playful, narcissistic and deceitful magician. (Trivia: In the manga, his sentences would normally end with a suit symbol.) Hisoka became interested in the circumstances of the four main characters after meeting them on the Hunter Exam, though it might only be because he saw them as opponents with a lot of potential. Because of his veiled hostility and affinity for murder, he was quickly labeled as the series’ strong antagonist. However he can also be seen acting as a comrade to the main characters when he thinks it will benefit him.Hisoka has appeared on the manga/anime early on — it was during the first part of the 287th Hunter Exam, where the four main characters (Gon, Killua, Kurapika and Leorio) first met each other. He was introduced by a fellow examinee as a dangerous person for he has failed the previous Hunter Exam when he killed an examiner on a whim.


On the last part of the Hunter Exam, Hisoka apparently admitted that he is a member of the infamous group GeneiRyodan — the criminals responsible for annihilating Kurapika’s tribe. Though it was later revealed that he’s not a true member; he was just going along with the group because he’s waiting for an opportunity to challenge the group’s leader, Chrollo, into a duel whom he deems worthy to be an opponent. However, Kurapika managed to seal Chrollo’snen power in an encounter, prompting Hisoka to lose his enthusiasm.

Hisoka appears to be on friendly terms with Illumi, the older brother of Killua, as they are often seen helping each other. The circumstances of how they came to be friends were left out though. It is quite normal for him to look deadly one moment and then go all hilarious the next. A very unpredictable character, Hisoka has earned his dark reputation of being a killing machine who takes delight in battles and killing in general. True to the meaning of his name, his background still remains a mystery to everyone. His magic tricks coupled with violence terrify most minor characters.


He appears to live for the battlezone as the only thing that gives him pleasure is going into a fight, especially against equally skilled opponents. It was for this reason he spared Gon when they first crossed paths and encouraged him instead to be strong so that when the time comes, he will enjoy killing him. Hisoka is always confident no matter who he faces, as he believes he is the best fighter, and always challenges powerful characters.

His energy classification, or nen group, is enka (transformation). His usual weapon of choice is a deck of cards which he uses like a shuriken with deadly precision. The nen group he belongs to makes it possible for him to manipulate his other weapon, bungee gum, into any material texture he wants. He typically alters the gum’s consistency into a sticky substance to incapacitate his opponents. In one of his fights, he had even tricked everyone by masking his injuries through nen. This kind of battle skills that he have put him in advantageous positions on many occasions. More on solamon energy otakus…


Hisoka sports a flamboyant costume of bright colors that will remind you of a jester, albeit a more sinister one. During his appearances in the Hunter Exam Arc, he wore a club-and-spades purple costume and has bluish hair. Afterwards, he was seen having brown hair and wearing a hearts-and-diamonds costume until the York Shin Arc. Donning such colorful apparel and makeup makes him look rather ridiculous at times but he is really a bishounen beneath it all.

His character is constantly lying about everything but it is yet unsure if his lies have a reason behind them or not. For a while, he was considered the primary antagonist but as the story progresses, he seemed to be alright with collaborating with the main characters on several occasions.

*The much-anticipated return of the Hunter x Hunter manga is quite a success as it garnered three awards from the recent Manga Awards 2011 hosted by Mangahelpers, winning in the Best Shounen and Best Manga of 2011 categories. Hisoka has been recognized as the Best Villain.

character profile reborn
Character Profile: Reborn 家庭教師ヒットマン

His current mission is to train the tenth successor of the Vongola Family, Tsunayoshi Sawada to become a suitable boss. In his adult form, he usually used to greet people with “Chaos” but when he turned into a kid, all his voice could muster is “Ciaossu” (a play on the Italian greeting of “Ciao” and the Japanese greeting of “Ossu”).  Reborn is the strongest of the seven Arcobaleno (the seven strongest individuals in their time who was cursed and physically changed into babies), possessing the Sun Arcobaleno pacifier where their energy is stored (dying-will flames

Reborn (りボーン) is considered to be the strongest hitman in the world but was trapped in the body of a 2-year old because of a curse.


Reborn rarely engages in direct fighting, not wanting to meddle with the development of his student but sometimes he takes his mentoring role seriously. And whenever he did so, he could be an incredibly tough and effective “tutor” as shown when he trained Tsuna to use the Zero Point Breakthrough to defeat Xanxus and also when he trained Yamamoto in the Future arc. He was also credited in training the boss of the Cavallone family.

 For the most part, Reborn only observes and keeps on the sidelines but whenever his student hits a wall (especially during a fight) he is there to talk some sense into him.