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Unit Introduction and Overview. Unit objectives: Define human capital Identify and discuss human capital considerations in continuity of operations (COOP). What is human capital?. Human Capital. Human Capital Defined.

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Unit introduction and overview
Unit Introduction and Overview

Unit objectives:

  • Define human capital

  • Identify and discuss human capital considerations in continuity of operations (COOP)

Human capital

What is human capital?

Human Capital

Human capital defined
Human Capital Defined

  • The sum of the talent, energy, knowledge, and enthusiasm that people invest in their work.

  • In COOP

  • Human Capital = All Employees

Human capital concerns for continuity
Human Capital Concerns for Continuity

  • Designation of emergency employees

  • Communication with all employees

  • Providing guidance to all employees

  • Providing telework and alternate work locations

Designating emergency employees
Designating Emergency Employees

  • Ensure that the employee:

    • Possesses skills to perform the COOP function

    • Can remain calm in an emergency

    • Does not have personal hardships

    • Is identified as a primary or alternate

    • Receives formal documentation of COOP assignment

    • Is trained and equipped

Communicating with all employees
Communicating with All Employees

  • Ensure that COOP and non-COOP personnel have a clear understanding what to do in a COOP situation:

    • Schedule meetings with all personnel

    • Conduct regular exercises and simulations

    • Establish an agency notification system for COOP members

    • Communicate workplace operating status for all employees

    • Develop procedures to account for all employees in an emergency.

Human capital guidance
Human Capital Guidance

Develop a partnership between agency’s COOP

and human resources managers

  • Human resources department is familiar with and understands human capital tools, flexibilities, and strategies.

  • Resources already exist and are available at each agency and at OPM or at the State personnel agency.

Human capital guidance1
Human Capital Guidance

  • Tools, flexibilities and strategies available:

    • Pay and leave

    • Work schedules

    • Benefits

    • Employee assistance program

Human capital guidance resources
Human Capital Guidance Resources

  • Pay and leave

    • Federal Pay and Leave Information www.opm.gov/oca

    • OPM Handbook on Pay and Leave Benefits for Federal Employees Affected by Severe Weather Conditions or Other Emergency Situations www.opm.gov/oca/compmemo/2005/2005-18hb.pdf

    • OPM Emergency Guidance Memoranda www.opm.gov/oca/COMPMEMO/emerg.asp

    • Pay and Hours of Work Fact Sheets www.opm.gov/oca/pay/HTML/factindx.asp

    • Questions and Answers About Pay Administration www.opm.gov/oca/pay/HTML/PAYQAIX.asp

    • OPM Links to Fact Sheets on Leave www.opm.gov/oca/leave/HTML/factindx.asp

Human capital guidance resources1
Human Capital Guidance Resources

Work Schedules: www.opm.gov/oca/worksch/index.asp

  • Benefits: www.opm.gov/oca/Employment_and_Benefits/EmployeesSupport2.asp

  • Employee Assistance Program: www.opm.gov/oca/employment_and_benefits/worklife/healthwellness/eap/index.asp

Telework and alternate work locations

What is telework?

Telework and Alternate Work Locations

Telework defined
Telework Defined

  • Any arrangement in which an employee regularly performs officially assigned duties at home or other work sites geographically convenient to the residence of the employee, which reduce or eliminate the employee’s commute. Additionally, the telework arrangement must occur at least one day per week on a recurring basis.


Telework and coop
Telework and COOP

  • Agencies are revising telework policies to include them in COOP plans

  • 43% of agencies have incorporated telework into COOP plans (The Status of Telework in the Federal Government, Report to Congress, 2005)

  • Allows many employees to be dispersed so business can continue to operate

    Telework may be especially useful during a

    pandemic or other biological event.

Telework coop opm suggests agencies
Telework/COOP-OPM Suggests Agencies:

  • Develop cadre of core and situational teleworkers

  • Permit teleworkers to work off site and learn to communicate electronically

  • Encourage supervisors to manage employees without face-to-face contact

Telework resources
Telework Resources

OPM and GSA Telework Website: www.telework.gov

  • “Exploring Telework as a Business Continuity Strategy: A Guide to Getting Started” www.workingfromanywhere.org/pdf/TAC-ExecSummaryFINALweb.pdf

For continuity agencies should
For Continuity, Agencies Should:

  • Establish a partnership between the agency’s HR department and Emergency/COOP staff.

  • Determine availability of human resources flexibilities (staffing, pay, leave, benefits) prior to and after event.

  • Maintain up-to-date contact information for all employees.

  • Set up an agency process to account for all employees during an emergency.

For continuity agencies should1
For Continuity, Agencies Should:

  • Encourage the use of telework and alternate work sites.

  • Communicate agency’s emergency policies with all employees.

  • Prepare for emergencies with training and drills.

More human capital and continuity resources
More Human Capital and Continuity Resources

  • OPM Websites on Hurricane Katrina: www.opm.gov/katrina

  • OPM Emergency Guides: www.opm.gov/emergency

  • OPM Emergency Guidance Memoranda: www.opm.gov/oca/COMPMEMO/emerg.asp

  • Annex H of the FEMA Federal Preparedness Circular 65 on Continuity of Operations: www.fema.gov/onsc

Points of contact for hc and continuity
Points of Contact for HC and Continuity

  • If you are a Federal employee:

    Contact your Human Resources office

  • If your work in the human resources office:

    Contact your OPM Human Capital Officer

  • If you are State or local employee:

    Contact your State personnel agency

Summary and transition
Summary and Transition

  • This unit:

    • Continuity and human capital

      Next unit:

    • Interoperable Communications (Unit 7)