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2007 Ryko Annual Sales Meeting. Quality. Delivery Performance. Quality Policy.

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2007 Ryko Annual Sales Meeting


Delivery Performance

Quality policy
Quality Policy

RYKO MANUFACTURING COMPANY is committed to providing customers a quality product in a manner that ensures their satisfaction. This applies to our final customers and to our internal customers. We are also committed to complying with the requirements of our quality system and to continually improve its effectiveness.


2007 GOALS

  • Increase Out of Box Quality pass % from 50% to 85% by 12/31

  • Reduce cost of poor quality 20% by 12/31

  • Increase First Pass Yield at test track from 53% to 75% by 12/31

  • Reduce warranty and nonconforming product by 20% by 12/31

Average issues per obq survey
Average issues per OBQ Survey

  • April 2006---4.8 issues

  • April 2007---0.6 issues

Out of box quality obq survey process
Out of Box Quality (OBQ) Survey Process

  • OBQ survey comes in

  • Logged in by Customer Quality Support (CQS)

  • Corrective actions (CARs) written for any issues and entered into OBQ survey log

  • CAR routed to appropriate party to perform root cause analysis and corrective action

  • Once corrective action is completed CAR is routed back to Customer Quality Support

  • CQS will contact originator of OBQ Survey to go over findings and any corrective action plans.

Obq survey
OBQ Survey

 Sales Order # Date: Contact: Serial #’s Phone # / Email Add.

1. Did you receive your Equipment on time?

2. Was the shipment complete?

3. Were you notified of backorders?

4. Did backorders arrive on time?

5. Was your equipment shipped to the right location?

6. Did you receive your equipment free of any freight damage?

7. During the initial start-up process, did any of the equipment fail to operate correctly?

 If; yes, please place an X in all that apply:

 Electrical Water Pneumatic Missing Part Wrong Parts


Quality improvements made
Quality Improvements Made

  • Developed training room

  • Weekly meetings with production departments on Test Track and Out of Box Quality data

  • Rollout of Out of Box Quality survey to Distributors

  • OBQ survey led us to chemical pump and tank assy issues.

  • Quality group job rotation developed

In closing
In Closing

Please help us help you. Fill out and return an OBQ survey after each installation. We need your feedback if we are going to improve Ryko product quality!!

Delivery performance
Delivery Performance

2007 Goals

  • Increase OTD on next day priority orders from 86% to 98% by 12/31

  • Increase OTD for parts/service orders from 87% to 95% by 12/31

  • WG complete shipments from 62% to 85% by 12/31

  • Increase OTD for WG shipments from 88% to 95% by 12/31

Average number of backorders per equipment order
Average number of backorders per equipment order

  • April 2006-----6.4

  • April 2007-----0.8

Sales order aging
Sales order aging

  • Sales order aging from 18.86 days to 5.36 days---goal 2 by 12/31

Delivery improvements made
Delivery Improvements Made

  • Re-design of shipping area

  • Changes to parts shipping process—specialized pullers and shippers

  • Shipping gets electronic notification when priority order goes on system.

  • Expanded priority coverage

  • UPS notification

  • UPS system now pulls ship data from sales order