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Back To The Future

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Back To The Future. Kay N Campbell, EdD , RN-C, COHN-S, FAAOHN September 30, 2010 Florida State AOHN Conference. The Beginning. 1888-Betty Moulder , Drifton , Pennsylvania Mining Industries 1895-Ada Mayo Stewart, Vermont Vermont Marble Company 1897 Anna Duncan, New York City, NY

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Back To The Future

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back to the future

Back To The Future

Kay N Campbell, EdD, RN-C, COHN-S, FAAOHN

September 30, 2010

Florida State AOHN Conference

the beginning
The Beginning
  • 1888-Betty Moulder,

Drifton, Pennsylvania

Mining Industries

  • 1895-Ada Mayo Stewart,


Vermont Marble Company

  • 1897 Anna Duncan,

New York City, NY

Benefit Association

John Wannamaker Co.

  • 1899-various nurses,

Brooklyn, NY

Frederick Loeser

Department stores

crossing the country
Crossing the Country
  • 1900s-the idea spreads quickly
    • 1900-Emporium, San Francisco
    • 1901-Massachusetts, Plymouth Cordage Co.
        • Montana Anaconda Mining Company
    • 1902-Chase Metal Works, Connecticut
        • Broadway Store, LA
    • 1903-San Francisco, Hale Brothers
    • 1904-Chicago, Carson Pirie Scott & Company
    • 1905-Fulton Cotton Mills, Georgia
    • 1906-Bullock, LA
        • Rose Wells at Yale & Town Company, Stamford, Connecticut
the government
The Government
  • 1888-Bureau of Labor was created in Department of the Interior
  • 1910-Match industry investigation
  • 1911-Triangle Shirt Waist factory fire
  • 1911-Wisconsin, workmen’s compensation law
  • 1912-National Council for Industrial Safety
  • 1914-Office of Industrial Hygiene and Sanitation
the birth of aain
The Birth of AAIN
  • Birthplace—New England
  • First Signs
    • 1913-first registry in Boston
    • 1915-Boston Industrial Nurses Club
    • 1916-Factory Nurses Conference
        • Branches open in other cities and Canada
        • 1922-name changed to American Association of Industrial Nurses
    • 1917-Boston University’s College of Business Administration
the aain journey
The AAIN Journey
  • 1922-Name changed to American Association of Industrial Nurses
  • 1933-Merged with New England Association of Industrial Nurses
  • 1938-First Joint Conference of Industrial Nurses Associations of New England, New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia held in New York City
the aain journey1
The AAIN Journey
  • April 19, 1942-American Association of Industrial Nurses
  • Catherine R. Dempsey elected President
  • Purpose toimprove the services industrial nurses can perform in industry as well as improve the vocational opportunities for individual nurses
  • Formally recognized by the Industrial Medical Association and invited to hold joint annual conference
  • Work focused on constitution and bylaws, membership qualification, formation of committees and planning first annual meeting.
the aain journey2
The AAIN Journey
  • 1943-Seventeen states and Canada attended first meeting at New York City’s Roosevelt hotel
  • Adopted purposes and objectives
    • Education and practice
    • Cooperation and understanding
    • Interpret role to other professions and lay world
    • Advance the industrial and community health
the aain journey3
The AAIN Journey
  • 1944-’War Conference on Industrial Health’ held in St. Louis, Missouri
  • Held jointly with the Am. Assoc. of Industrial Physicians and Surgeons
  • Held jointly with the Am. Industrial Hygiene Assoc. as it did until 1960.
  • Papers presented were reprinted and distributed.
  • Industrial Nursing , official publication launched
the aain journey4
The AAIN Journey
  • 1945- Meeting cancelled due to WWII
  • First headquarters opened in March on Madison Avenue in New York City
  • President Dempsey testified before the State Military Committee on the proposed legislation regarding the drafting of nurses. She emphasized that industrial nursing is a separate and distinct branch of the profession.
the aain journey5
The AAIN Journey
  • 1946-Recognized by President Truman and others on the progress the association was making.
  • State chapters were organized
  • Professional Standards Committee was established
  • Began participation into structure study of six existing nursing organizations
the aain journey6
The AAIN Journey
  • 1947-held in Buffalo’s Hotel Statler.
  • 432 nurses attended representing 43 states. Representation from Canada, England and China also attended.
  • Appointed representation to the Committee on Curriculum of the

National League for

Nursing Education.

the aain journey7
The AAIN Journey
  • 1948-Association exhibit displayed at the ANA biennial meeting
  • Participate in the International Congress of Industrial Medicine
  • Official seal adopted
the aain journey8
The AAIN Journey
  • 1949-Committee on Education and Nurse

Educators presented the definition of industrial

nursing at the annual meeting in Detroit.

‘ Industrial nursing is the practice of the art

and science of nursing in industry, to meet

the needs of the worker, for the purpose of

developing and maintaining the highest potential

level of health and efficiency through:

1) prompt remedial care of the ill and


2) health and safety education; and

3) cooperation with all health and

welfare agencies.’

  • A Scholarship Loan Fund was established as a financial aid for further education
  • An editorial board was established to publish newsletter as the Industrial Nurse publication was suspended due to rising publications costs
the aain journey9
The AAIN Journey
  • 1952-Voted to remain an independent and autonomous voice for industrial nurses
  • Incorporated
  • First President of chapters conference held
  • Official pin created
  • First issue of Industrial Nurses

Journal was published

the aain journey10
The AAIN Journey
  • 1956-Holding annual conference with the physicians was determined to be permanent
  • 1957-Determined that annual conference would be for 3 days only to limit days away from work
  • 1958-Editor for journal hired
time line
Time Line
  • What year did you join AAOHN?
  • What was going on in AAOHN when you joined?
the aain journey 1960s
The AAIN Journey1960s
  • 1964-Official publication-American Association of Industrial Nurses Journal, The Journal of Occupational Health Nursing published by Charles B. Slack
  • 1966-membership at 5,406.
  • 1969-New name for journal-Occupational Health Nursing
the aain journey 1970s
The AAIN Journey1970s
  • 1971-ABOHN established

completely separated from


  • Director of Education hired
  • 1975-Name of association changed to AAOHN and the emblem changed to be same as the pin with 1942 emblazoned across the pin
the aaohn journey 1980s
The AAOHN Journey1980s
  • Committee work
  • Nurse in OSHA
  • Atlanta office opened
the aaohn journey 1990s
The AAOHN Journey1990s
  • Journal continues to thrive
  • Staff directed work
  • Globalization begins
the aaohn journey 2000s
The AAOHN Journey2000s
  • Economic decline
  • Dwindling membership
  • Loss of OH Nursing positions
  • Change in national governance
  • Atlanta office closed, staff dismissed
  • New management model
the aaohn journey 2010s
The AAOHN Journey2010s
  • Recovery
  • Committees reactivated
  • 2011 strategy to be developed
changing landscape
Changing Landscape
  • 1970-Occuaptional Safety and Health Act
  • Worker Compensation Laws
  • Union demands for worker healthcare
the future
The Future
  • On your card
    • Write what you think AAOHN should focus on in the next 2 years.
the future1
The Future

Current issues:

      • Economics
      • Political arena
        • OSHA
        • Workers’ Comp
      • Healthcare Reform
  • Dictates:
    • Collaboration, Alliances, Partnerships
    • Develop varying business skills
    • Promotion of the profession