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Scholarship 2010

Scholarship 2010

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Scholarship 2010

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  1. Scholarship 2010 Aspiring to Personal Excellence

  2. Who is Scholarship for?Scholarship is designed for the highest achieving students from Year 13:

  3. Therefore a student who achieves Scholarship will have:demonstrated, within complex situations, higher level critical thinking, abstraction and generalisation and the ability to integrate, synthesise and apply knowledge, skills, understanding and ideas

  4. and:depending on the depth of study, will have displayed a range of comprehensive content knowledge both in breadth and depth, effective communication, original or sophisticated solutions, performances or approaches and critical evaluation and flexibility of thinking in unfamiliar and unexpected contexts

  5. “Discuss the relationship between the culture and the language of New Zealand as shown in New Zealand literature. To what extent is this relationship distinctive? Is it likely to remain distinctive in an increasingly ‘globalised’ future?” 2004 English

  6. KNOWING, CONNECTING, RELATING, SUPPORTINGDeep knowledgeCritical thinkingProblem solvingConnecting and relating Applying knowledgeStrong literacy and/or numeracy

  7. What awards are there?

  8. Single subject awards • For candidates who get Scholarship in one or two subjects. A “one-off” award of $500 per subject Top Scholar subject awards • For candidates who are top in one of the 33 Scholarship subjects. $2000 each year for 3 years as long as candidates maintain a “B” average in tertiary studies

  9. Scholarship award • For candidates who get 3 or more Scholarship subjects. $2000 each year for 3 years as long as candidates maintain a “B” average in tertiary studies

  10. Scholarship award Outstanding Scholar Award • For the top 40 -60 candidates who get 3 Scholarship subjects with at least 2 outstanding performances or more than 3 with at least I outstanding. $5000 each year for 3 years as long as candidates maintain a “B” average in tertiary studies

  11. Premier award • For the very top 5 to 10 candidates who get 3 Scholarships with outstanding performances. $10000 each year for 3 years as long as candidates maintain a “B” grade average in tertiary studies To get an award you must • be enrolled in a tertiary • maintain a “B’ average • complete the criteria in 1 year

  12. Some questions you might have

  13. When are the exams? • They start on 11th November and run through weekends and alongside NCEA Level 3 • NCEA Level 3 and Scholarship finish on the 1 December • Where there is a clash it may be possible to shift a Level 3 exam the same day, but not a Scholarship exam

  14. How many people get a Scholarship in a subject? • The number of Scholarships is based on the number of students studying Level 3 in that subject • Each subject has about the same percentage of Scholarships, but this has a level of tolerance • Marking is based on standards based assessment, then by determining the students who have reached the standard most “evidently”

  15. What is the support I can expect at school. • Each department has set up different ways of supporting Scholarship candidates: eg knowledgenet, tutorials, additional assignment materials • The expectation is that students will be self motivated and proactive • From Term 2 a regular series of meetings will be established for mutual support and requests for particular help

  16. How do the results of Scholarship affect my entrance to university? • Not at all –entrance to University is based on my NCEA Level 3 results. Scholarship provides recognition and reward to top students ; it is not an entrance qualification

  17. Questions to ponder: • What are my reasons for considering doing Scholarship? • Do I have a reasonable chance of success? • Am I committed to the exams and to the various school support programmes? • Is it going to disadvantage my other Level 3 results? • I’m going to go for it with commitment, enthusiasm, passion and hard work    

  18. Aspiring to Personal Excellence