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NTCU Scholarship(2010)

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NTCU Scholarship(2010) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Traditional-Style Campus in a Metropolitan Area National Taichung University of Education (NTCU) Rank No.1 among Education Universities in Taiwan. NTCU Scholarship(2010).

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A Traditional-Style Campus in a Metropolitan AreaNational Taichung University of Education (NTCU)Rank No.1 among Education Universities in Taiwan

ntcu scholarship 2010
NTCU Scholarship(2010)
  • New Enrolled International Students:NT$50,000 (USD$ 1,563) first year + FREE accommodation (Recommended by NTCU departments )
NTCU Scholarship(2010)Returning International Students:(1)NT$6,000 (USD$188) per month + FREE accommodation during semesters:
ntcu scholarship 20101
NTCU Scholarship(2010)

(2) NT$4,000 (USD$125) per month + FREE accommodation during semesters:

ntcu scholarship 20102
NTCU Scholarship(2010)

(3) NT$2,000 (USD$63) per month + 1/2 accommodation fee during semesters:

job opportunity
Job Opportunity
  • On Campus:NT$95 (USD$3) per hour
  • Off Campus:Assistance with acquiring the legal work permit;Full time job during the summer and winter vacation
brief history
Brief History
  • 1923 Founded as Taichung Normal School of Taiwan Governor-General Agency.
  • 1945 Renamed Taiwan provincial Taichung Normal School.
  • 1960 Promoted to a five-year junior college Renamed Taiwan provincial Taichung Junior Teachers College.
  • 1987 Promoted to four-year college Renamed Taiwan Provincial Taichung Teachers College.
  • 1991 Renamed National Taichung Teachers College.
  • 2005 Renamed National Taichung University.
  • 2010 Renamed National Taichung University of Education.
campus area
Campus Area
  • Size of the NTCU:12.18 ha.
    • Main Campus:7.92 ha.
    • Min-Sheng Campus:2.06 ha.
    • Affiliated Experimental Elementary School :2.20 ha.

Dr. Szu-Wei Yang

ration of faculty rankings
Ration of Faculty Rankings

Numbers of Faculty: 179


College of Education& Management

  • Department of Education (with MA / PhD)
  • Department of Early Childhood Education (with MA)
  • Department of Special Education (with MA)
  • Department of Physical Education (with MA)
  • Department of International Business
  • Department of Cultural & Creative Industries
  • Graduate Institute of Educational Measurement & Statistics (with PhD)
  • Graduate Institute of Environmental Education
  • Graduate Institute of Early Intervention
  • Graduate Institute of Curriculum and Instruction
  • Graduate Institute of Business Administration
  • Graduate Institute of Sustainable Tourism and Recreation Management

Departments :12 Graduate Institutes: 10


College of Humanities & Liberal Arts

  • Department of Language & Literacy Education (with MA / PhD)
  • Department of Regional and Social Development (with MA)
  • Department of Fine Arts (with MA)
  • Department of Music (with MA)
  • Department of Counseling & Applied Psychology (with MA)
  • Department of Taiwanese Language and Literature
  • Department of English

Departments : 7 Graduate Institutes: 5


College of Science

  • Department of Mathematics Education (with MS)
  • Department of Science Application & Dissemination (with MS)
  • Department of Computer & Information Sciences (with MS)
  • Department of Digital Content & Technology

(with MS)

Departments : 4 Graduate Institutes: 4

local educational resources
Local Educational Resources

Taichung City Cultural Affairs Bureau

National Museum of Natural Science

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

life in taichung
Life in Taichung

☆Taichung is the third largest city in Taiwan .

☆ It only takes 50 minutes from Taichung to Taipei by High Speed Train.

☆ Taichung has a rapid growth of various pastime venues in recent years such as museums, parks, department stores, all kinds of exotic restaurants, pubs, and so forth.

☆ Tuition of NTCU is only a half of any private university and the living expense in Taichung is about 30 percent cheaper than that in Taipei.

☆ Climate in Taichung: