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ASAM Standards International Perspective – A Report

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ASAM Standards International Perspective – A Report - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ASAM Standards International Perspective – A Report. Author : Puran Parekh Board of Directors – ASAM e.V. 26th October 2011 Novi, USA . VISION. to create a development and testing world where devices can be freely inter-connected and data can be seamlessly exchanged……. CAT Standards.

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asam standards international perspective a report

ASAM Standards International Perspective – A Report

Author : Puran Parekh

Board of Directors – ASAM e.V.

26th October 2011 Novi, USA


to create a development and testing world where devices can be freely inter-connected and data can be seamlessly exchanged…….

cat standards
CAT Standards

Help Companies take the  individual test rig data to department level/ enterprise level testing and validation process, without affecting the core functionality of the test rig, by leveraging device, data format and the analysis tool independence

current cat standards
Current CAT Standards
  • ASAM ACI: (Automatic Calibration Interface)
  • Defines interfaces between automation and optimization components which evaluate an optimized set
  • of parameters for control systems.
  • ASAM CEA: (Components for Evaluation and Analysis)
  • defines a component interface and the necessary basic functionality for the creation of project-specific overall applications from modular measured data evaluation and analysis tools
  • ASAM GDI: (Generic Device Interface)
  • Defines interfaces to measurement devices and intelligent subsystems as well as a syntax for a
  • generic description of their capabilities.
  • ASAM ODS: (Open Data Service)
  • Defines a generic data model (for universal interpretation of data), interfaces (for model management, data storage and data retrieval), and a data exchange syntax and format
automotive electronics ae
Automotive Electronics(AE)

Help companies in implementing enterprise wide collaborative engineering and diagnostic functionality by leveraging standardized way of communication and data exchangeabilty beween various stakeholders


Today, ASAM e.V.

…countsmorethan120 companiesfrom Europe, North-America, andAsia, includingmostofthebiginternational OEMs.

asam international image
ASAM – International Image

ASAM ODS – De facto….

Extensive uses of AE Standards but visibility is Missing

asam ods use cases
ASAM ODS: Use cases
  • Search Only
  • Analysis Only
  • Above + Support for Macro Level Work Flow
  • Above + Support for Micro level process of Engineer
  • From test bed to test field to Enterprise level scalability
asam ods few myths
ASAM ODS – Few Myths
  • Off the shelf solutions , Wrong assumptions – ODS can solve all the problems
  • ATF is a fixed file format
  • Importance of MIME types… Why needed and so important?
  • Parameter Set for different domain For Example NVH / Crank angle?
  • Application Model – What is it???
  • Supplier have to integrate ODS into their product and they will require more knowledge
  • ODS project is complete if we just import the data into ODS and access it from any analysis software
  • Any Supplier say “I AM ODS COMPLIANT”
  • Supplier’s data model can be used as it is for Enterprise Level deployment
  • MDM is off the shelf solutions:-> Is it the right Approach??
  • ODS is too complex and some time slow….
  • ASAM ODS is a database
some open questions
Some Open Questions?
  • Missing background as how the standard is evolved over a period to such a detailed level which can be appreciated (Without the understanding of the background the standard looks complicated)
  • Supplier view of standard
  • Lack of trained people , companies
  • Local suppliers have practically very less or no knowledge
  • How to integrate local suppliers in Process supported by ASAM standards
  • Cultural issues
  • ASAM provides base standards which can be extended using Application elements , and these elements can be populated using infrastructure approach
  • Main Focus :Structured organization of engineering data from different domains
  • Most of supplier have implemented domain specific interfaces into their product
why ods project fails
Why ODS project fails?
  • Supplier is made responsible for complete project
  • No Co-ordination between End user, IT and Suppliers
  • Most of the time focus is on data storage and not on usage
  • Lack of infrastructure approach
  • Underestimate complexity in the beginning
  • Change in paradigm / mindset
  • Changes in Analysis tools functionality
  • Process centric Approach
  • Testing – Dynamic / Continuously evolving in nature…..
for success
For Success
  • Infrastructure approach
  • Standardization of naming conventions / testing process / Micro process
  • Involvement of Engineering team, IT, Tool Supplier and integrator at the beginning
  • Top down / Bottom up approach
  • Be careful about supplier specific solutions…. (They are very specific to their own product)
expectations from asam
Expectations from ASAM
  • Use of multi domain data Example , Engine NVH and Crank angle data , ECU data
  • Data exchangeability between CAE and CAT
  • Improvement in existing standards to cater to new requirements
  • ISO26262 – can AE and CAT collaborate to manage test results
ae area internatioanl usages
AE Area – Internatioanl usages
  • Most of the AE standards are used extensively Specially MCD standards(1(XCP),2(ODX/A2L),3C/3D)
  • Expectation – Improvement in MCD-3MC area
  • Overlapping areas in CAT and AE (Specially Automatic calibration process)
to benefit from asam platform effectively
To benefit from ASAM platform effectively
  • Community driven Approach
  • Open and transparent culture
  • Process Ownership


Thank you!!