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Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery . S. Mukerji, MD. Plastic surgery. Plastikos = to mold Cosmetic Reconstructive. Plastic surgery. Sushruta Indian Surgeon 600 B.C. Cosmetic vs Reconstructive. Gender distribution. Liposuction. Ultrasonic liposuction. Liposuction. Recommendations.

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Plastic Surgery

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  1. Plastic Surgery S. Mukerji, MD

  2. Plastic surgery Plastikos = to mold • Cosmetic • Reconstructive

  3. Plastic surgery Sushruta Indian Surgeon 600 B.C.

  4. Cosmetic vs Reconstructive

  5. Gender distribution

  6. Liposuction

  7. Ultrasonic liposuction

  8. Liposuction

  9. Recommendations • Patients are carefully selected • Operating facility is properly equipped • Physician has accredited surgical training ASPS June 99

  10. Male breast surgery

  11. Breast enlargement

  12. Breast enlargement

  13. Lift Before After

  14. Reduction

  15. Reduction Before After

  16. Rhinophyma Before After

  17. Nose Before After

  18. Eyelid

  19. Eyelid Before After

  20. Face-lift

  21. Chemical peel

  22. Replantation

  23. Chemical peel

  24. Laser resurfacing

  25. Ear pinning

  26. Tummy tuck

  27. Tummy tuck Before After

  28. Cleft lip

  29. Breast reconstruction

  30. Skin cancer

  31. Skin cancer

  32. Skin cancer

  33. Skin cancer

  34. Shoulder reconstruction

  35. Abdomen reconstruction

  36. Abdomen reconstruction

  37. Tissue engineering

  38. How is Plastic Surgery Different? • Tissue movement • Blood supply • Big defects • Visible results • Gentle handling

  39. How is Plastic Surgery Different? • Unique patients • Unique solutions • Challenging problems

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