plastic surgery n.
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Plastic Surgery PowerPoint Presentation
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Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

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Plastic Surgery

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  1. Plastic Surgery Aima Harfiza Hassan Fatin Nurul Asma Zuhir

  2. Definition • Plastic surgery is a medical specialty that uses a number of surgical and nonsurgical techniques to change the appearance and function of a person’s body.

  3. Hukum • Haram Why? • Because Change Allah’s creation.. • Islam denounces excess in beautifying oneself to the extent of altering one's physical features as Allah created them. The Qur'an considers such alterations as inspired by Satan, who “ ...will command them (his devotees) to change what Allah has created...” (An-Nisa’: 119)

  4. PS Reconstructive surgery Cosmetic Surgery done to improve appearance (enhance beauty). to correct severe functional impairments

  5. “Allah has cursed the women who make tattoos and the women who have this done, the women who pluck facial hair and the women who have this done, and women who widen the gap between their own or others’ teeth for the sake of beauty, changing what Allah has created.” (Saheeh Muslim, 3966).

  6. Cosmetic Surgery is not allowed because…. • no urgent need or necessity for them to do plastic surgery; rather, the aim is to fulfill their desire. • the operation may involve the injection of materials extracted from aborted fetuses or non-halal substance. • May also result in ongoing pain and other side effects.

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  8. Lip augmentation After Before

  9. Nose Surgery After Before

  10. However…. • If a person has an unusual physical defect, which attracts the attention of others to the point of inflicting on him physical and psychological pain every time he meets people, he may treat the defect (undergo surgery) and thus alleviate the embarrassment that makes his life miserable. Allah, the Most Merciful, has imposed no hardship on us in religion.... (Al-Bahi Al-Khuli, Al-Mar'ah bayna Al-Bayt wal-Mujtama`, 2nd edition, p. 105.)

  11. Dr. `Abdel-Fattah Idrees, Professor of Comparative Jurisprudence at Al-Azhar Univ., states: • "There is nothing wrong with plastic surgery if it is used to treat a deformed organ where the operation will offer a better quality of life. However, such surgery is not permissible if it is used for the mere purpose of beautification and altering the creation of Allah.



  14. BOTOX INJECTION -Botulinum toxin (Botox) is a sterile, purified protein produced from the bacteria, Clostridium botulinum, in the laboratory

  15. LIPOSUCTION -the surgical suctioning or vacuuming of fat from beneath the surface of the skin.



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  20. CONCLUSION • Although CS can imitate and change the creation of Allah, it still cannot be compare to the perfection of the original creation.